2015 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 or Pro 12.2 Edition at CES?

By Peter Chubb - Dec 7, 2014

With CES 2015 just around the corner there has been a great deal of speculation as to what consumer products will be on show. We know for certain there will be some new technology unveiled that will go into the Galaxy S6 and other upcoming flagship handsets, but a huge question mark hangs over what Samsung tablet offerings there will be.

Two possibilities are the 2015 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Pro 12.2 Edition models, and while it would be great to see both unveiled, it’s highly unlikely. So which of the two do you think we are more likely to see during next month’s Consumer Electronics Show?

2015 Galaxy Note Pro 2 12.2

We had assumed to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2015 Edition released in October this year, seeing as though the current model was released back on October 2013, and so Samsung may have delayed its release in the hope of getting a bigger reaction from CES. This would make sense because this show is a much bigger platform than its IFA event.

A 2015 Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 reveal is the more likely of the two during CES though, seeing as though this was the setting for this year’s reveal.

Going back to what we said before about it being highly unlikely that Samsung would unveil both at CES with an aim of releasing them a month or so later. There is something else to consider, and that is the fact sales of tablets as a whole have started to fall and so could be a deciding factor in the South Korean company to push out two Android tablets close to each other.

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  • Dejay Clayton

    My bet is on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2015 edition. Why? B&H Photo Video has listed the 2014 edition as “discontinued” since selling off the stocked inventory of tablets in a holiday flash-sale. And, the Samsung product pages briefly mentioned (around Oct 27) that their WatchON app, and related apps, as supporting the 2015 edition.

  • Reza Afsari

    Its amazing how you guys can write a whole page article without saying or relaying anything to your readers.

  • Dizmond

    I’ve been holding off buying my first tablet until the base storage is larger than 16gb and I also want an AMOLED screen. I’ve currently decided on a Samsung because I had a galaxy note 2 and found the s-pen great, but could do with a bigger screen to make better use of it. I found the screen quality AMAZING!! I don’t really want the tab S as no s-pen. I’d be using it mainly for studying, but also as a portable media device (and streaming to a chromecast too).

    I know a good many people who still don’t have tablets, so I wouldn’t say the market is saturated yet.. If Samsung concentrate on improving quality and responsiveness, I reckon many people with tablets would also think about upgrading.

    I just hope that if Samsung are reducing the plethora of ever so slightly different tablet releases in 2015, that they still make a Note 10.1 (or 10.5) 2015 model, with super AMOLED screen, s-pen, 32gb or higher base storage (not just on the LTE version) with expandable micro SD slot up to 128gb, snappier processor (maybe 64bit?), Lollipop, front facing stereo speakers and less Samsung bloatware. That’s my wishlist anyway.

    • rob3211

      Typing to you on my OG Note 10.1 which still does everything I need it to. I got it at launch with 32gbs of storage. If you liked the s pen on a note 2 the pen on the 10.1 is far superior. As I own both.

      There’s are very good chance everything on your wish list is going to come true by my guess. The two that are most likely not to happen are less bloat ware and front facing speakers.

      But my note 4 comes with 32gb of storage and only about 25gb available so just software wise the new tablet will have to start at 32gbs. Also the latest pprocessor in Samsung’s production list is 64bit.

      I’m very excited for the note pro at 12 inches I just hope they price it accordingly. If they price it similarly to the original I’ll again skip it at 750$ its ridiculous for the same hardware as the 10.1 at 500$. Hoping the note pro starts no more than 650$.

    • kanishk

      Truly i also wish the same , i tried buying 2014 edition bt ws denied by dealer as a claim of its dicontinuation although i love the feature of it… As a student i think it will help me… Pls can u suggest me tht weathr i shld waitfor nxt model to release or to but the current discontined version