Xbox Live taken down by Lizard Squad to entertain

- Dec 6, 2014

One of the biggest Xbox Live outages took place this weekend with Xbox One and 360 owners finding online services down for hours. This has been proven to be the work of Lizard Squad, which is a group of people not only taking credit for Xbox Live going down today, but also causing problems for PSN, Twitch, and other online services.

It isn’t the first time Microsoft’s Xbox Live status has turned to offline after work carried out by Lizard Squad, as many of Product Reviews readers know all too well. The fact is, Lizard Squad returned to Twitter a short time ago and look to entertain followers all weekend by taking other services offline.


At the time of writing, we can see a message 8 hours ago from Lizard Squad on Twitter stating “Xbox Live #offline”. This has been followed with a few other tweets pointing to the fact that Lizard Squad was trending worldwide, and another message telling followers that “This will be an entertaining weekend”. It’s unclear exactly what’s meant by that tweet, although you can count on gamers worrying about Xbox Live and maybe even PSN going down for a large part of the weekend.

Have you seen Xbox Live problems when trying to connect to game servers this weekend? If so, what platform and game couldn’t connect online for you? You can see a tweet left by Lizard Squad, which clearly reveals more plans for the first weekend in December 2014.

You can find the group at and see they have more followers than ever before. This is currently at almost 93,000 at the time of publication.

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  • NC

    Please stop saying “hack” its a simple denial off service. They didn’t have to breakdown the security of the system to do this. All they did was overload some servers I’m in NC and my xbox literally didn’t get hot by this at all.

  • anonywho

    What’s the point? No Xbox live I go do something else. Whoopee do. Time for these squamata to get a life because the rest of us don’t care.

  • just ad

    I find lizard squad as useless as a broken pencil…….pointless!!!

  • Fweds

    PSN no letting me log in again.

  • It should be about the games

    The spotty teenagers, the one’s who sit in their bedrooms alone with only their own limbs for company, are at it again. Way to go, guys. That will impress the girls no end, I’m sure. Ah, but they’re not interested in girls, I forgot. They get their rocks off but inconveniencing normal, as in people with real lives and common, everyday, interests, by taking down part of a service they know millions of people want to use. Congrats. That’s a real statement you’re making there. Shame no one but yourselves know what it is.

  • Juicyboy783

    Still down in Ohio i cant even do anything on my Xbox this is kinda ticking me off but i find it funny how somebody had the nuts to do this. But please someone do something to stop them I got kids who have basketball games here soon and after i know they will wanna play COD or madden or something so please fix this!

  • Casper

    I gave up trying to log in thx lizard @ssholes. Won’t be too entertaining when you go to federal prison for a so called prank 😄

  • Tum6le

    Still having issues getting on sense 8pm last night. Lizard Squad why hack against the gamers? Aren’t u one of us? I’m in SC.

  • As tastic

    this is why story mode was created

    • JimmyMcSquizzie

      Exactly, thank you.

  • DAS

    Lizard Squad ‏@LizardPatrol 9m9 minutes ago

    Time to resume the chaos.

  • DAS

    I find it odd that neither Xbox or Microsoft are giving ANY official statements. I understand they don’t want to give away what (if any) counter-measures they are practicing and that they don’t want to glorify the culprits, but to not say ANYTHING to their customers? No we are not “entitled” to refunds as many people are demanding for the outages…does your power company refund you part of your bill if your electricity goes out? Does your oh so kind cable or satellite provider refund you for system maintenance or outages? NO! So why should Microsoft, or Sony, or any other service provider unless they decide to for customer satisfaction purposes. So many whiners, this stuff happens. I am sure that Microsoft employees are working as hard as possible to correct and fight these problems, just let them do their jobs and maybe go for a walk or actually talk to your family or go out with friends for a change. The day is only ruined if you let it be, and if you do, just like terrorists, the hackers have won.

    • DMK

      I would just like to point out that electric companies dont offer refunds during outages because you only pay for what you use. can’t use power if its out:) not saying a refund is necessary here, juat wanted to point that out

      • Tara Mack

        Im pretty that’s what he/she meant. I had to read it twice bc I thought they meant exactly what you thought as well 😊

  • Chris Moulton

    Why do people do this? I’ve never understood what drives people to hack into accounts or online services. And just for entertainment is a bs reason. Grow up people.

  • kayphoban

    Up and Down in New Hampshire, Destiny, mostly down…this sucks, you cant even play this game off line. Lizard Crew ? Not making any friends.

  • raddog999

    steam, twitch, xbox live, and sony are currently down… #bored

  • Kevin

    I cannot sign on error code 8015190E. 8:29 am Saturday morning. I have not been able to play since 8pm Friday. This is getting ridiculous. I am in NJ.

    • Bob

      Same for me in the uk

    • raddog999

      I’m having the same problem… why do they even need to hack xbox live… they are just wasting time. I’m in TX

  • Bramstons

    PSN has been going on and off, how long is this going to last ?.

  • blzzy_gie

    Tom,John and Lee, all post exact same time, !! same person.
    No problem with Xbox Live whatsoever.

    • MrDeedsly .

      You realize people live outside of Europe right?

  • Lee

    So is there some political message here or are these guys just a bunch of idiots who like to mess with people who just want to use their games consoles?

  • lea

    Mine just let me connect in Virginia.

  • Jon

    Down in Oregon and Washington.

  • Tom

    Keeps going down for me, I hope Xbox Live isn’t like this all weekend.