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New PS4 Share game with The Forest

There’s a new PS4 game coming with Share Play enabled that will take players into a beautiful, exciting, and scary survival open world. The Forest is developed by Endnight Games and will take you into an open-world environment within this survival-horror game, although the title won’t release until later on in 2015.

You can see The Forest’s announcement trailer for PS4 below this article. You can see some building of a base within the video below, so this gives you a quick idea of how you can use the PS4’s Share Play feature to showcase your own bases to friends and also share places you’ve encountered.


Another nice feature with the PS4 version is made possible thanks to the DualShock 4 controller. The terrifying survival horror game will be aided by voices coming from the controller, so if you play in a dark room it could really bring a new layer of realism to your gaming.

The Forest has already released through Steam with their Early Access feature, but there will be many features tailored to the PS4 console. The release on Steam has helped create an improved game for the PS4 platform. The aim of this game is to stay alive after a jet crash, although you must do so in a mysterious forest where there’s mutants.



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