Lizard Squad Twitter back with over 142K

- Dec 8, 2014

The Lizard Squad Twitter channel is back and while it has been up for a few weeks, the chaos is resuming this weekend with this being the very statement offered a few minutes ago from the group that has taken down big company servers.

In fact, the Lizard Squad Twitter page is officially found at now, as the previous page had been taken down. The impressive growth of the new account is unbelievable and follower numbers have taken a massive leap this week.


Earlier today, we published details on Xbox Live going down last night with problems being continued today. At that point, a few hours ago, the Lizard Squad Twitter page had just under 93,000 followers and at the time of writing this article, they now have almost 100,000 followers.

The growth is being pushed a wide media coverage, which again is being helped by a petition on the official White House website, the taken down of Destiny and Xbox Live servers, and other outages being credited to the group.

You can see one of the latest tweets above and this paints a picture of more “chaos” to come this weekend. Reactions to this tweet have been mixed, but gamers won’t want their Xbox One, PS4, and previous generation gamete disturbed when they plan to get online. Leave your comments below about the social growth, and of course taking down of certain servers.

Update: In the time we wrote this article, the Lizard Squad Twitter page jumped another 1,000 followers. By the time some of you read this update, we are sure there will be thousands more.

It looks like Xbox Live has gone down again on December 6th, within 24 hours of the last outage, and their Twitter page grew another 5,000 followers within another hour to 105,000.

Just 24 hours later, Lizard Squad Twitter on Dec 7 – it’s unclear when this growth will slow down, but 24 hours after publishing the update above it looks like the Lizard Squad Twitter account is now at 124,000 and reveals again how fast people are following this group.

Lizard Squad shows no sign of Twitter slowdown – this is one of the last updates to this article, as such on December 8 the group past 142,000 followers. It looks like Lizard Squad’s social growth is set to pass 200K by the end of this week, and unless Twitter removes the page we expect the group to keep going even reaching a million followers. This is helped by Twitter now being featured on Google with an “In The News” section for the groups social page.

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  • Bob

    You know what’s wierd how come the lizard sqaud are hacking only big enterprises and not like Nintendo you know what’s wierder we are getting along with each other us pan players and Xbox live players are getting along this is big guys but still mad about I can’t get on my ps4

    • Bob

      Not pan psn lol autocorrect

  • savion

    They aren’t hacking they aer DDOSing there is a difference


    Oh the lizard squad is at it again I cant even sign in on my Xbox well that’s just great there hacking the Playstation network and the Xbox network that’s real nice of them these dang idiots I think someone aka lizard squad is just trying to get some attention and trying to look cool with there over powered hacks don’t give them attention cause they just mad cause suck at everything they do skanky retarded lizard scumbag

  • jonathan

    the lizard squad makes me sick all I can say for the lizard squad is they are brain-dead hackers who think they can do everything just listen I think xbox will live on

  • Mlg

    They are courtyards that just are mad because they suck at call of duty

  • mad xbox costumer

    What is the point of this

  • DAS

    Just sad that some people feel the need to go out of their way to make others unhappy…