GTA V PS4 matchmaking issues, hotfix Vs update

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 6, 2014

The Grand Theft Auto V game requires an update to fix PS4 matchmaking issues. This is the message we are receiving from many of our readers playing GTA V online with their PS4 system, although it isn’t working like it should with matchmaking problems ranging from empty lobbies to connection errors.

GTA V hotfix for PS4 matchmaking issues – while there might be a need for patch 1.05 to fix certain glitches, there’s hope the empty lobby problems can be fixed with a hotfix. This means Rockstar’s developers could perform server-side changes, which will allow for more players to be matched together within GTA Online rather than releasing patch 1.05.


There’s also those that feel a Heists December release with GTA V update 1.19 wouldn’t be possible, especially when you consider the Heists DLC should launch on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC all at the same time. Why would players want to play Heists with empty lobbies on PS4 and Xbox One?

One Product Reviews reader said, “My NAT router setting is Open, but I still get zero to 6 players per lobby on Xbox One”. Another added, “Rockstar keep telling gamers to set their NAT to open, when this is not the issue and PS4 matchmaking is broken with all lobbies almost empty. Rockstar must be aware of this massive problem”.

Are you having issues with GTA V matchmaking on PS4 and Xbox One? We do wonder if a hotfix will be enough, especially considering that would have been done by now if the fix was simple. We’ll find out soon enough, if a hotfix or 1.05 PS4 update is needed for GTA V to fix matchmaking issues. Leave your comments below.

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  • Dude

    Harry and Pete huh? LOL! The servers are almost full every time I play. 20 or more players. All day today I was in full games of 30 players. These guys are full of it. Maybe you should get a more reliable ISP. Matchmaking is fine. Haven’t been dropped from a game for nearly a week. No problem joining my friends.

    • blurgz

      Opened NAT here, 60mbps download speed, still having the same problem as Harry & Pete. Maybe you’re just one of the few lucky ones with Google fiber or something

  • Harry

    I never see more than 9 people on PS4 when it can handle over 30, there is no need for this and Heists will never work with this setup.

  • Pete

    There is problems with Xbox One and PS4 in GTA online, empty lobbies everywhere when there’s lots of players online.