Destiny Xbox servers down with unclear DDoS

- Dec 6, 2014

There’s been an official response to reports that the Destiny servers are unavailable on Saturday, December 6th. Continuing on from our reports about the Xbox Live servers going down today, we not only see Bungie commenting on the situation, but notice the status has changed once again with Xbox or Destiny servers reported down with what might be a DDoS attack once again.

Earlier today, we highlighted one of the biggest outages for Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners in a few weeks. The problems were credited to Lizard Squad, although since that news it seems more issues have emerged in particular for Destiny players trying to take advantage of the new Xur location this weekend.


Reports about Destiny servers being down and not available are being left on both Down Today, and also the official Bungie forums. It’s clear PS4, PS3, and Xbox owners are unhappy with the outages and want something done about those causing the server problems today.

Official and player reports – Bungie released a statement stating they know there’s a “portion of” their player base not able to connect to Destiny. The latest update just said they were, “investigating the issue”.

Within the last few moments, we have seen players leave hundreds of tweets and forum updates detailing further issues that are unclear if related to another DDoS. One gamer said, “Destiny servers offline” and another added, “Xbox Live servers are down”. Again, it’s not clear what service has the issues and if this is due to another DDoS attack.

Certain player opinions only add to the confusion when blame is put directly on the developers themselves. As seen in this comment, “Destiny get it together, you truly are the worst when it comes to servers”. This could be unfounded if the problem lies with Xbox Live and especially if they are under a DDoS attack.

Are you having further issues connecting to Xbox Live or Destiny today?

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  • Tony Karais

    And it’s still down today. 10:40am PST. Over 14 hours now. And no word from Bungie. Bizarre and frustrating.

  • jeremy

    I’m always having problems! The only time I didn’t have problems was the 1st 3 days when everybody else seemed to have issues. Stopped playing for the most part because bungie..Xbox. .whoever wasn’t letting me. It got better for a second it seemed ( my wife plays still) but now it’s back to getting kicked off all the time. To frustrating of an experience, at the very least bungie has to take some culpability for server issues.

    Plus when I found out about VoG and the fact that I will never be able to play it that really turned me off. I know 2 guys who play this and I don’t think they are even level 24 and I don’t have the time/schedule to commit to the same 5 strangers over the course of a day or week to play. Plus i would get kicked offline so much that these strangers would probably kick me off their squad anyway because it would be impossible to play through with me. I think that is a crappy thing to do to people who paid $60 for this game and basically not be able to get the experience. Titanfall and Destiny have shown me that online only games are a pain in the butt! And I won’t commit to DLC or sequels for either game until they have offline solutions and campaigns.

  • There goes a planned evening on Destiny. Should’ve seen it coming though, there have been constant server issues for a while now.

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  • DAS

    Still no official word on what the problem is, only the claim by the group taking responsibility…