COD Clan Wars Centurion gear with caution

When you open up Call of Duty Advanced Warfare for online play this weekend, you might be greeted with a Message of the Day about the first COD Clan Wars for opportunities to earn exclusive Centurion gear.

We have include the message within a screenshot below, which basically details the start and end time for the first Call of Duty Clan Wars in Advanced Warfare. As you can see, Clan Wars will end at 12PM PST on Monday, December 8th.


The event will allow clans to complete with other Clans, although they will be paired up to keep the size and skill level similar. The reward will be the first piece of Centurion gear that eventually becomes a set.

There’s also a recent retweet on Sledgehammer Games from the official Call of Duty Twitter page. This showcased the Centurion gear seen below, along with the message if you see a player with this Clan Wars Centurion gear then you should “exercise caution”.

Have you seen anyone wearing this special Centurion gear this weekend and if so, did you kill them easy?



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