Advanced Warfare update for PS3 freezing next week

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 6, 2014

The next Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PS3 update will likely bring an end to freezing problems, and it will also contain a massive list fixes within the patch notes. This has already been confirmed by Sledgehammer, as they said the recent PS4/XB1 patch will release on other systems “soon”.

Considering the amount of COD Advanced Warfare updates we have seen since the games release, the fact the last time they said soon followed with a patch just days later, it is an obvious expectation to see the next PS3 Advanced Warfare update within 7 days.


The Advanced Warfare freezing problems are plaguing PS3 and Xbox 360 players, as you can clearly see with over 315 comments here. We followed up at the end of November with another article, which shocked some people to learn that the issues were hitting more gamers than ever and hadn’t been solved.


In fact, this weekend we see many COD Advanced Warfare players tweeting about freezing with disc, digital, and day one copies. You can see a few of these tweets below, which only landed on Twitter within the last few hours. The first tweet is pretty extreme, but also reveals the level of frustration being felt.

Do you still get freezing when playing COD Advanced Warfare online and if so, is it on PS3 or another platform? We would also like to hear about the game mode you are in, as this might reveal a pattern between Exo Survival and multiplayer online modes.

Another tweet above reveals freezing on the Advanced Warfare homescreen. Again, if you also get this issue then we’d love to know in the comments. Bottom-line: If the developers don’t fix the freezing problems with the PS3 patch next week, then we can see a massive backlash from the players on this platform.

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  • RedBusa

    After downloading the 1.06 patch for the PS3 it’s still freezing. It’s only freezing about 1 time every hour but that is still to much. I don’t have any problems with other previous versions of Call Of Duty games. One thing I will say about A.W. is the Internet part of the game works good for me. If they could completely fix the freezing this could be the best Call Of Duty game made. My game all ways freezes at the screen before the game starts at around 43 seconds point.

  • Renee

    I freeze when I open supply drops, get killed or even just joining a match.. the kicker is that this has now been happening on Ghosts as well. Now I can’t make it through two matches on either game! I am worried that all the hard shut downs may have hurt my ps3 🙁

  • Guest

    They better patch the glitches too! They’re very annoying!

  • JT

    Mine freezes after online games have ended. Did this in HCDOM and Hardpoint. I have the Digital Copy and have only seen the freezing after an online match has ended.

  • Brian

    Freezing during game play about every hour.

  • leroy

    i freeze when i open up supply drops or when i get something new for the game on my ps3

  • sinister__god

    Its freezing every few games on my. PS3. All my online friends say they too feel the pain… crappy qa!!!!!!

  • Lewis

    I get freezing every hour on my PS3 with advanced warfare, it always happens at the worse time.