Titanfall 2 as a PS4 exclusive rumor

Sony’s PlayStation Experience event is coming up this weekend, with the PlayStation Experience start time set for 10am Pacific on Saturday December 6 in Las Vegas. Right before the show kicks off though, we are hearing some outrageous rumors online – one of which suggests that Titanfall 2 could be announced as a PS4 exclusive.

We know what you are thinking, how can Titanfall 2 be a PS4 exclusive, when EA signed an agreement with Microsoft for the first Titanfall game?

This is obviously the million dollar question, but then again we don’t know the full terms and conditions of Microsoft’s deal. Did Respawn only agree to exclusivity for the first game, but not subsequent sequels?


A rumor started here over at Play Mag suggests that Respawn Entertainment is going to be in attendance at Sony’s PlayStation Experience event. Considering that their only game to date is an Xbox exclusive, question marks have been raised as to what their purpose would be.

Sony’s official schedule information says that Respawn is there to “offer guidance for others” looking to make a career in the game industry, but you can imagine that others believe that there’s more to it.

We would be very surprised if Titanfall 2 did turn out to be an exclusive on PS4. We think the game will happen, but a multi-platform title is probably more likely rather than a full blown exclusive – imagine the eruption that would cause if it did happen though.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Do you think there’s a remote chance that Titanfall 2 could be a PS4 exclusive or not? Reaction if it did happen?



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