PSN down in Australia on Dec 5

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 5, 2014

While Sony hasn’t confirmed problems just yet, it looks like the PlayStation Network is down today in Australia on December 5. It’s unclear exactly when the sign-in problems started, but we received reports in the last 15 minutes from Product Reviews readers and also saw reports on Down Today, which tracks the status of PSN and notes it’s down in Australia.

Owners of the PS4 and PS3 in areas like Sydney, or Melbourne, reported PSN was down and they found the service not working. The list of error codes will be different dependent on what section you are trying to login to, so as an example you will get a different error code when trying to access the PlayStation Store to when you can’t play a game online like Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.


We have reached out to Sony Entertainment in relation to the latest outage and taken a look at hacker Twitter channels moments ago. We haven’t seem any claims from the likes of Lizard Squad for the latest downtime, so this just might be a slight glitch in the Australia region, or even within certain cities only.

PSN down in Australia on Dec 5

Is PSN down for you in Australia right now and if so, what location are you in? If you have problems anywhere else in the world, then please share details in the comments. The reports we have received indicate that this outage is for Australia only right now.

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  • Kickedintheribs

    For fucks sake. Everyone’s getting hacked nowadays.

  • Krazyhorse

    Down in Buffalo, NY

  • iiit

    Psn down the netherlands

  • David

    In Houston, Texas. Down for me too.

  • Johan Goldbrunnen

    I can’t log in too!!! Berlin, Germany

  • Robin

    Down in Newfoundland, Canada

  • Alex

    Just switched on my PS4 and PSN seems to be working normally again, still would have liked an official response from Sony but back onto GTA Online!

  • Smurf

    Down in Hervey Bay Qld for about 8 hours now.

  • Guest

    Currently down in Perth 8:20pm

  • Shadow

    Down in Townsville, Qld too…

  • Luke Sheridan


  • Paul

    Down in Sydney. Hopefully fixed soon.

  • bombcat

    melbourne, down for me

  • Ryan

    It’s down for me in Melbourne

  • Angie

    Yep down for me, Brisbane.

  • Alex

    Live in Sydney, haven’t been able to connect to PSN for several hours now, still no word from Sony on what’s the exact problem or when it’ll be resolved.. very frustrating