New Bloodborne PS4 gameplay trailer highlights gore

The Game Awards 2014 is ongoing as we speak in Las Vegas. For those hoping to see some new PS4 game trailers at the event, you won’t be disappointed. PS4 exclusive Bloodborne was shown and we can now bring you a brand new Bloodborne PS4 gameplay trailer that’s already uploaded online.

Bloodborne is the game from Dark Souls developer From Software and as you can expect, there is a lot of expectation on this considering the success of Dark Souls and also Dark Souls 2 which is up for Game of the Year at the TGAs.

In this latest trailer, we see an emphasis on gore as it contains a lot of blood. If you have played Dark Souls, you are not going to be surprised by this but horror fans unaware of the game may be interested too.


From Software are definitely not cutting back on the level of violence in the game and the graphics are looking stunning, with gameplay smooth as ever during the intense combat scenes.

Take a look at the latest trailer below, as it may be removed at any time – since it’s not an official upload. Tell us what your thoughts are on the level of gore in the game and if it is something you will buy at launch in March 2015.

Xbox One gamers are getting Tomb Raider, but is Bloodborne the PS4 exclusive which you would prefer? Give us your thoughts below.



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