Destiny Plan C RNG rage after two weeks in a row

By Alan Ng - Dec 5, 2014

Moments ago, we just revealed Xur’s new items this week for December 5, as well as his location which you can read about here. The biggest talking point however right now, is the fact that the Plan C exotic fusion rifle is once again for sale – two weeks in a row.

As you can imagine, some players are furious about this after spending their coins to buy it last week and expecting something new, such as the Icebreaker to turn up this week.

It didn’t happen though and we can see that gamers are angry about it on Twitter, accusing Bungie of all sorts of naughty things. While some of you are accusing Bungie of doing this deliberately, we’re here to remind you that Xur’s wares each week are completely random.


They are actually generated with the Destiny RNG system, meaning that nobody, including Bungie can predict the outcome of the weapons and items each week.

It’s because of this fact that the Plan C is available for two weeks straight. Now, another talking point is whether Bungie now has to step in and make some changes to the game algorithm so that this doesn’t keep happening.

It will obviously be ridiculous if Plan C turns up for a third week running – then all hell will break over. Right now, let us know if you are annoyed about this. Were you shocked to see Xur selling the Plan C again, or do you actually think this a great thing since you missed it last week?

Don’t forget to check out a Destiny Plan C review in case you are thinking of buying it today.

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  • KoolKidKilo

    One more week? Get over it. This is the hand that was dealt.

  • Samuel Vaughn

    I was expecting the icebreaker or something else…….FAIL!!!!!!!!

  • jov jov

    Wow..dicked again. So glad i quit this game 2 weeks ago. I want my 150hrs back. Cant believe how this game constantly fks ppl over

  • Dhanvantari Nanni

    I am sure that it is RNG based, but it has to be weighted.or skewed in some way. It just seems statistically unlikely that the same gear gets repeated over again, and that always happens. Sunbreakers. Vestments. Plan C. There has to be something intentional behind the repetition.

  • realness29

    I had a feeling this would happen eventually. I didnt expect it to happen on our last purchase before the DLC, but hey, that’s RNG for you.

  • Sensei Goon

    I’ve had Plan C since like three weeks into Destiny. I was mad when it was sold LAST week.

  • Sent By Odin

    i keep reading these destiny news stories in hopes of something awesome. But it always winds up lookin like abtrain wreckBut its apparent that this game is truly designed for people who just quite honestly, dont mind getting dicked over. This game and said companies involved, are a pock mark upon the face of gaming. I wanted to love this game. Now i just enjoy watching bunghole and craptivision fail miserably. And community leader Deej, is probably one of the most condescending pieces of crap ive ever had the displeasure to read from. Well played turds.

  • Guest

    oh, I am sure that the removal of exotic engrams is RNG too…. yeah right

  • gra55hopp3r

    I want a gallahjorn or ice breaker. I wasn’t around when xur had these the first time and despite me watching many of my friends find them in raids or nightfalls, the weapons have eluded me thus far. it should be a cycle. this is f’ing ridiculous

    oh, I am sure that the removal of exotic engrams is RNG too…. yeah right

    Thanks for stiffing us again bungee

    • Sent By Odin

      i hear dragon age inquisition is good. And hey.. It actually has a story ALREADY in it!? Whoa!!!!

  • NgTurbo

    I’ll start by saying that this is a bit silly. A change to the system perhaps Bungie, where the same exotic can never be selected twice in a row?

    • mtl cwby

      Yeah heaven forbid you don’t get a new exotic each week. Half of these that are sold I’ve been able to find in nightfall or the raid. Oh so here a good entitled whiner idea. Hey bungie look through all your thousands of players inventories and let’s find what exotic people have the least and sell it. I mean come on. Random has to be fair right?? Right?!

    • billoverbek57

      Wow Really!!!! I’m a warlock! xur has been selling the same chest armor for my class 7 weeks in a row,not one person complained about this. 7 fing weeks!!!! Now he sells plan c two weeks in a row and everyone is in a uproar.This does not make any sense to me. And yes I know he finally put a helmet up for sell,I
      already have it.