PS4 20th Anniversary Theme download with surprise

We have some great PS4 news to bring you now. Hours ago we told you about the availability of an ultra 20th Anniversary PS4 console, but now we see the celebrations are extending to a free PS4 20th Anniversary theme download as well.

Even better, as it should be live for you to get right now. For those asking how to get the 20th Anniversary PS4 theme, simply head to the PS store, head to “Games and Add-ons”, then “Themes” and you should see the theme available to download.

This theme not only gives your PS4 homespace a retro look, but Sony has a special bonus for PS4 users. Once you boot up your console with this theme, it will play the original boot-up theme that came with the PlayStation One in 1994!


As far as we’re aware, this feature is exclusive to the PS4. The 20th anniversary PS3 boot-up theme is missing and we’re not sure why that is. Perhaps, it’s due to the fact that Sony couldn’t get it working for technical reasons.

Either way, it is amazing for PS4 users and a slice of nostalgia that you are going to love once you hear it for the first time in all its glory after growing up in the PS1 era.

Let us know if you have this theme already. PS3 owners, are you disappointed that you don’t get the PS1 boot-up sound on PS3 like PS4 users do?



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