Battlefield 4 PS4 1.17 update with stability patch notes

By Alan Ng - Dec 4, 2014

We have some Battlefield 4 news now for players on PS4. We were just interrupted in our session as a massive new Battlefield 4 PS4 1.17 update has just gone live today – it’s 3.17GB in size.

As far as we’re aware, we were not expecting a big update from DICE this week. Perhaps the developer has managed to locate some Final Stand bugs and are just releasing this quick fire patch to fix it.

We also know that for some players, Final Stand wasn’t even available after downloading it so perhaps this is another reason for the sudden patch.


Then again, 3.17GB is a big file for bug fixes so is there some hidden features that DICE are not telling us about? We can’t check what version it is yet, but since we are currently on 1.16, this could be the Battlefield 4 1.17 update on PS4 today.

At the time of writing, it looks like the new Battlefield 4 update patch notes are not available from DICE yet. We’ve seen this thread over at Battlelog where gamers are also asking what is new, but nobody seems to know yet.

Let us know what you have noticed different after installing. We’ll update this with the patch notes when we have them.


Update: We can confirm that this is indeed the BF4 1.17 update. As for the BF4 PS4 1.17 patch notes, DICE has’t gone into detail on the PS4 itself as it’s a ‘stability’ update, but we expect they will arrive to Battlelog soon.

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    Just what it needed

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    I am about to buy this game. Can someone tell me the overall review of this game for the PS4? How is it now as of Dec 2014?