New Advanced Warfare update notes on Dec 4?

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 4, 2014

The new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare update notes should be live within the next 24 hours, which had been signaled be an official tweet and the first Clan War starting tomorrow. Product Reviews readers should expect to see the new COD Advanced Warfare patch notes on December 4 for Xbox One, PC and PS4 in time for the Clan War to start without downloading an update for bugs. The latter system should be version 1.07.

We have already seen players complain about the Clan Wars going ahead without fixing the PS3 freezing problems in Advanced Warfare and other out of map glitches. When you combine the fact an update is coming this week with the first Clan War starting tomorrow, it’s pretty clear Sledgehammer Games will make the patch notes and download live today before such an important event starts.


Sledgehammer has hinted at fixes to the Bal-27 Diamond camo issue, PS3 gamers being plagued with freezing, and the “out of the map glitch on the map Defender”. The problem lies with when the fixes will come for each of these issues, as the developer always states “an update” in the future will fix these bugs.


We have included a couple of tweets in relation to glitches and bugs within the multiplayer game below. Both are recent responses from Sledgehammer Games and one includes the out of map issues, although the other is related to the Elite Ameli being locked when it shouldn’t. Another issue the developer knows about and will address soon.

Are you expecting the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare update today? What will you think if the patch goes live after the first official Clan War?

Update: The 1.07 update is live on PS4.

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  • albert

    Jesus prestige 11 you have no life dude get a job

    • julian

      Its not even hard to lvl up fast and prestige. Maybe youre just bad.

  • cod feedback

    And the glitch on comeback will they ever patch?

  • cod feedback

    The laser are op did they buff them?

  • BAD30132

    What the **** does San Francisco have to do with clan wars


    They nerf the BAL, but not the MORS. smh

    • Austin

      The mors? You’re joking right? That gun is far from op, so you must suck at this game

    • julian

      Omg haha im done he said the mors.

  • sheldon

    Ok, I cant even join a match or my friends party. Patch screwed up the lobbies on xb1

    • Sprock3t Rocket

      Same issue here. Since patch XB1 just sits in ‘Searching for players’.

  • Nate Payton

    Wow 20 mins later I finally got in a match and wouldn’t ya know it the other team was stacked

  • Nate Payton

    Speaking of the patch itself

  • Branden

    The PS4 really needs this patch, it missed out before. It has to come today, if not then the developers are mad to start the first official clan war without fixing these issues.