Xur sprint for December 5 to 7

By Alan Ng - Apr 15, 2015

It is that time again when Destiny players will once again sprint to find the new Destiny Xur location for December 5 on Friday. Last week, Xur was hidden in the center before Crucible vendor, so we are expecting Bungie to once again send players on a wild goose chase in order to hunt down Xur’s new Exotic items and weapons this week.

Xur, Agent of the Nine is an elusive fellow but also a very rewarding one sometimes. Last week he offered up the Plan C Exotic Fusion Rifle for sale, but this week the new Destiny Xur location will differ again as well as the items that Xur will have for you.

As always, some players are never satisfied with Xur’s wares although we thought the Plan C was a great choice last week – still one of the best exotics in the game in our opinion.


We’ve listened to you though, with many of you saying that you are fed up with the Voidfang Vestments being offered and this time want Xur’s new items to include the Heart of the Praxic Fire Warlock chest armor.

As usual, we’ve also heard the strong demand for Xur to finally sell the Icebreaker Sniper Rifle, which would seem a good choice this week since we had the Plan C last week.

Either way, we don’t have long at all until the Destiny Xur location this week is confirmed. Just like every week, we will be keeping you exactly up to date the minute the new Xur items for December 5 go live, so be sure to check back here at around 9AM UK time and 4AM Eastern Time on Fridaythis is the set time in which the new Xur Exotic items list should go live.

Given last week’s items with the Plan C, let us know what you really want to see this weekend. Put it this way – Name one item or Exotic weapon that you would be really happy to see and one which you would hate to see.

Can Bungie get it right this week for you?

Update: You can find Xur in the Tower Hanger. Unfortunately though, he’s selling the Plan C again – full details here with a video of the exact location.

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  • recedham


  • Darryl Anderson

    I DESPERATELY NEED “NO BACKUP PLANS” (EXOTIC TITAN GAUNTLETS). I am trying to be prepared for this next raid but i cant seem to land Kabrs brazen grips. So exotic titan arms would be sweet!!! Yeah the Vex Mythoclast is going to be way harder to get than 13 coins, that much should be obvious to any gamer familiar with playing video games. Common sense and knowledge. No weapon of such power will jist be handed to you. Destiny is designed for you to get out of your character most of what you invest into time with them. We can’t all be Gods right out of the gate.

  • doombrngr

    I wanna see my reward for 1st public event come back. -but would looooove to pick up a Gallahorn…

  • mistakin bacon

    All I want is knucklehead radar

  • Matthew

    The vex mythoclast for next week please for 13 mots of light or 13 strange coins

    • Nick Flores

      Your insane

  • abs

    Maybe an auto rifle

  • Scott Whitmore

    I’d like to see the Vex mythoclast or the ice breaker. Plus wtf was all that rabble about 7000 glimmer and swapping out your exotics for upgraded versions as that hasn’t happened at all on mine!!!

    • Stephen Baker

      That’s next week, after the DLC drops.

    • RY2-D2

      There ain’t a chance he’s goin sell vex mythoclast. This gun is only available by doing the raid on hard and should be that way.

  • Riley Freeman

    plan again is completely ridiculous. lazy ass bungie. F U

  • donovan kush

    would live suros regime once in forever, would hate the plan c for the 2nd week come on guys

  • Logan Rogers

    i need hard light also

  • PeteStackz

    I need a exotic helm!!!!!😢😢

  • vexmythoclast

    Need one more exotic hardlight makesure xur sells it

  • Robert

    Wtf again plan c ?? Noobs

  • Flexible014

    Suros regime, want it so bad

  • Dg

    Bungie how about we RNG your salary?

  • Wayne Slays

    Really??? Again???

  • NgTurbo

    Plan C.. this has to be a joke.

  • Ryan

    I’m about to give up on this game

  • mach

    Goddamnit -.-

    Didn’t need the thing last week either

  • vlad

    He’s In The Corner Like Your going to buy a ship make a shape turn
    Plan c
    Helm of inmost light -Titian’s
    Young ahamkara spine -hunter
    Light beyond nemesis – warlock

  • What he bring?

    What did he bring?

    • name

      The spiky hunter gauntlet, helm of inmost light, light beyond nemesis, plan c, exotic shard

  • Deathtrap xc1

    Really any warlock helm

  • Ken Irons

    He’s in the Tower Hanger just to the right

  • bs

    wtf plan c again!!!

  • :(


  • :(

    What he selling I don’t goty hard drive working AT

  • name

    bloody plan c again

  • reco

    and hes by the hanger door, to the right rather than turning left and further in

  • reco

    Hes selling Plan C AGAIN! wtf?

  • Charles

    what does that mean he is selling?

  • Xur location finder

    xur is in the room with the speaker.

    • vlad

      You sure ? I was there

  • KillShot

    C’mon, I NEED THE GJALLAHORN! Sell it!!!

    • Eder Hulk

      What xur today brought you already know?

  • Jk


  • tropolite

    Am I blind… where is Xur this week>? (Dec 5)

    • Genaro Chavez

      1am pacific time and 4am eastern time bro

      • tropolite

        ahhh crap – cheers. I’m in Australia and I got my times arsed up. Thanx GC

  • michael


    • John Byers

      Trust me hard light is a terrible gun, has an extremely high fire rate but does absolutely NO DAMAGE

      • Hardlight 101

        no no no… lol I religiously use hardlight and in crucible it is unstoppable.

  • Chris

    He’s bringing arahamkara gauntlets for hunter, no backup plans, and a warlock robe that can’t be confirmed. Plus mida multi tool

  • Jason Brown

    THE DAMN ICEBREAKER!!!!! sick of seeing people get it for doing next to nothing in th e strikes

    • Jstrang15

      RNGesus frowns on your saltiness.

  • zach


    • gay

      Exotics that can be obtained thru bounties, won’t be sold by xur

  • Govind

    Gjallarhorn!!! I’ve been doing nightfall and raid for all 3 of my classes, still no luck

    • Jo

      I gor it by playin in the crucibles!

  • tots

    Universal remote please iv been wanting this gun for ages if only there was a trading system id honestly give plan c thunderlord galohorn mida multitool and suros and my invective for that gun id trade all my excotics for that gun :,(

    • gra55hopp3r

      I’ve got 2, you can have both of them for all that… the universal remote is blam

  • This Lad

    anyone seen xur yet?

  • Ryan Nguyen

    Red death or hard light

  • Ramie Garcia

    Does he show up at 12

  • Graeme Willy

    Red Death!!! Or Ice Breaker, since I was stupid and did not purchase either, last time…even, though I had like 80 strange coins both times lol(I’m a tight wad)

  • Incarnax

    All we want is the heart of the praxic fire… For once not voidfang or sunbreakers at least :p

  • Chrome262

    this week should also bring the upgrade option to exotics. And he should be selling exotic shards. I think

  • Josh

    Mythoclast since everytime it drops in the raid it to the same person that has already got 10 of them!

    • :P

      Xur will never sell the Vex Mythoclast because it’s the hardest to get/ best weapon in the game. What you’re practicly saying is (Xur should sell the new house of wolves dlc exotics before the dark below comes out)

    • Jstrang15

      Sucks, doesn’t it. Unfortunately, the gun is a Hard Raid only drop. If you’r not going to put in the time to get it then tough shits. Stop complaining and realize your not the only one without one.

  • Swirlies

    Ice Breaker and I’d hate to see Suros or last word

    • Graeme Willy

      Suros I could understand, since it’s been sold like 3 times now. What’s your beef with Last Word? It’s been sold by Xur once lol

  • Matt Man

    Suros or Red Death

  • That guy

    Gjallarhorn please that’s the only exotic I need

    • :3

      Sorry to burst you’re bubble but Bungie said Gjallahorn is never going to be sold by xur again because it’s to powerful

  • lucas

    Icebreaker please i beg u

  • none

    Is xur spawned? Or are we waiting a day?

    • Z


  • wepnx_2099 ps4

    well besides the obvious two weapons everyone wants (gjallahorn and ice breaker) I really would love the last word. when it was sold a few weeks ago it was my first week playing so I didn’t have the coins. also knucklehead radar would be nice too

  • reco

    Icebreaker is the only exotic gun i really want. the last word too, i missed out a few weeks ago but thats kind of speced more to PvP, i need that fatebringer thou

  • Lewis

    I enjoyed finding and playing new games last week in the sales, so I want to get stuck into Destiny this week and get something special from Xur.

  • Tom

    Ice Breaker please, been waiting weeks.

    • Justin Voltaggio

      Suros or Ice Breaker for me

    • Eggpl4nt

      Hope he sells something new like hard light or thunderlord