Crash Bandicoot PS4 release date in 2015 demanded

By Alan Ng - Dec 4, 2014

If there was one missing game on the PS4 console that still hasn’t been talked about, Crash Bandicoot surely has to be up there. Naughty Dog may be busy with Uncharted 4, but we can see that fans are still demanding to see a Crash Bandicoot PS4 release date in 2015.

It has been an awful long time since we saw our furry friend on the PlayStation 1. That game and the sequels that followed are basically responsible for paving the way for other 3D platform games such as Ratchet and Clank, but surely Naughty Dog are tempted to bring Crash back to the PS4 one day?

Sony themselves played with those hearts strings this week in fact, by Tweeting an image of Crash Bandicoot on their page, in relation to the ongoing 20th Anniversary of PlayStation celebrations.


Excitement obviously got the better of some gamers though, as we can see renewed attempts from fans who are treating this as ‘evidence’ that Crash could be coming back to the PS4.

Never say never is our opinion. Insomniac has now set up their tent over at Microsoft by making Sunset Overdrive an Xbox One exclusive, so Sony could be planning a similar move to counterattack that with Crash Bandicoot as a PS4 exclusive.

Are you still hoping to see a Crash Bandicoot PS4 release date in the near future? Let us know if you still have fond memories of Crash 1, 2 and 3 and what your favorite aspect of those games were.

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  • sophfluff

    Yes please crash bandicoot was the best game i am a girl and it will make me start playing again

  • MacKenzie

    Seriously NEED crash bandicoot in my life. The MAIN reason for switching from Xbox to PlayStation would be CRASH BANDICOOT.
    The whole reason for making an account on this site is to rant about my deprivation of my crash fix.

  • Jose Aguilar

    Crash i miss that game bring it out for ps4

  • Michael

    To see Crash back on the PS4 would be epic. Please naughty dog and Sony, sort it out. I have downloaded the original on PS3 to keep me entertained until one comes out on the PS4

    • Ali

      Please bring it out on ps4 and hurry I miss it

  • emil

    Love it and miss it. I Want crash back and the original ps intro sound.

  • Mark

    I loved Crash he was brill Hog Ride and the Polar Bear Chase too name but a few fantastic and high time he was back PLEASE……

  • Brent

    I will sell my PS4 console if the old school games become unavailable.

  • Deeedeeee

    Would love it to come back!

  • Tomas Felis

    Crash is something special, i played 1, 2, 3, nitro cars, bash, twinsanity, all of them was awesome….i want new crash for my PS4!

  • Mart Aszin

    Well i bought a good PC for my son. He wants PS4 or Xbox One but all of these have violent stuff. If Crash get release for Ps4 definitely i will buy for him a PS4.

    • Billy Bob Junior

      there is LittleBigPlanet

  • Adam Richard Black

    Yes I still have lovely memories playing the Crash Bandicoot games with excitement. I’m gonna re-visit the games this year coming 2015. Hope for a ps3/ps4 outing to arrive soon.