COD Advanced Warfare 534.9MB 1.07 update live

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 4, 2014

We knew it was coming, as we reported earlier today, but now we can confirm the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 1.07 update has gone live on the PS4 at 534.9MB. The full patch notes are also available for you to read online, although there would likely be other changes not documented within the said notes.

It’s not clear if the COD Advanced Warfare update is live on Xbox One and PC right now, as we have only checked our PS4 system and as such can only confirm this console at the time of writing. If you have noticed the patch live on Xbox One, then we’d love to know in the comments.


The screenshot we took moments ago can be seen below, which only reveals “bug fixes” when you check the update history on PS4 for COD Advanced Warfare. The version number is confirmed at 1.07 for this PS4 update.

Is the COD Advanced Warfare update live for you today? We will have further information in the coming hour, as this story is developing. We hope to get the full patches notes and confirm, or deny exactly what the bug fixes include. You should note we checked a system in the UK, so again confirm your region below.

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  • Dirul Islam Shamsiddeen

    Nothing on PS3 yet. Oh well those r da breaks!

  • The two biggies that will affect the game the most on ps4 are

    nerfed bal recoil and max damage= 4+ hits to kill

    nerfed Hbr max damage = 4+ hits to kill

    Also, they made that laser gun more powerful. I hear it’s strong but haven’t tried it yet.

  • totalltocare

    On Xbox since 2am, but can’t play online!!

  • Vince

    605mb on xb1

  • Johnny Joyce

    Live on Xbox one as of 7:30

  • sheldon

    Thanks for the patch that ruined the lobbies, literally impossible to join a game or friends party

  • Dan Garwood

    Yep live on x1 and now it doesn’t even work….