Clash of Clans update fixes Android login and achievements

By Peter Chubb - Dec 4, 2014

Clash of Clans was updated last month for iOS users to bring with it new RED App features, and so Android users never got a new version. This meant they still had to put up with a few bugs, such as problems with logging in and updating your achievements progress.

However, a new Clash of Clans Android update has now fixed these issues, and looking at user reviews it would seem Supercell have done a good job with this latest version.

It is clear though that fans of the gaming app would have liked some new features brought in, as it is still not perfect. One user said it would be nice to have the ability to send gold and elixir to your clan members, but would you agree?

clash of clans achievements

Some people seem to want the game made a little easier, as they believe it takes too long to upgrade defenses because they have lost a great deal of clan members because of it.

Other suggestions include the ability to test bases of clan mates, an option to delete entries, or a sorting feature. What would you like to see added to the next Clash of Clans update?

In other news, Supercell has a soft-launch of an app called Spooky Pop on iTunes Canada, which is a lot like Candy Crush.

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  • darren

    A forfeit button in war that a majority can vote to forfeit.

  • S Smith

    To test others bases out will take a lot of skill out of the game allowing any fool to eventually get it right. PLEASE DONT DO THIS. A who’s online icon would be handy to see who’s lurking but not speaking and war map donations counting towards your donations. Again allowing pepeople to test others bases out will rruin the game they just need to get better at it

  • archangle18

    it would be nice to be able to help clan members out with gold and elixir. and also test each others bases