Honda and Toyota national airbag recall response

By Peter Chubb - Dec 3, 2014

The whole Takata airbag recall saga was meant to be made much clearer yesterday, as the Japanese car parts maker was due to respond to the NHTSA involving a national airbag recall. However, they have yet to make any sort of announcement, although will likely be forced to do so today.

Honda and Toyota have come up with a response to this airbag crisis. Honda’s North America Executive VP has said that a mass recall could lead to parts shortages, although they are seriously considering issuing a mass national recall.

national airbag recall response

Toyota’s counterpart added that he would like assurances from Takata about the integrity and quality of its manufacturing processes. Both companies have also asked for industry–wide tests on the airbag inflators.

While Takata seems to have a bullish attitude towards U.S. auto safety regulators, we doubt they will take the same approach if the big two Japanese auto manufacturers were to pile the pressure on.

Takata said that it is down to the automakers to issue a national recall if they feel the need to, which is basically the easy way out. However, with the second congressional hearing set for later today, Reuters said it will be interesting to see what their take is on Takata’s response to the NHTSA.

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