Ground beef recall in December 2014 with Walmart list

We break away from the norm now to share with you some worrying news coming out of Walmart. While most of you may have just finished up shopping for new TVs at the retail giant, it looks like there is now a big problem in relation to a Ground beef recall in December 2014.

You heard that correctly. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is now investigating ground beef that has been produced by food company Cargill due to a health risk about E. coli.

As a result, 14,000 kilograms of ground beef sold at Walmart is now being recalled as a precaution measure with no illnesses reported yet. The important ground beef recall list that you need to be aware of, is ground beef best before dates of November 28 or November 29 2014.


If you are in Canada at the moment and bought ground beef at Walmart with these dates attached, you should obviously stop eating this product or return it to the store in which it was bought.

How do you feel about ground beef recalled after e.coli found in stores just a few days ago? It could turn out to be disaster for Walmart in the build-up to Christmas, but at least it looks like the problem as been identified quickly, with no illnesses so far.

You’ll also need to be aware that the Walmart Ground beef recall affected brand list comes from products made by Your Fresh Market. You can find a detailed list of the affected ground beef product best before dates and UPC codes here.

Let us know your thoughts on this – have you been caught up in the Your Fresh Market ground beef recall at Walmart this December 2014?



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