Destiny 4th Horseman Exotic Shotgun jealousy on Xbox

By Alan Ng - Dec 3, 2014

We have some exciting Destiny news for PS4 and PS3 gamers now, but not particularly good news for those playing on Xbox 360 or Xbox One. Sony has just announced that the upcoming Destiny Dark Below DLC is going to have exclusive content as well.

As most of you know Destiny already contains the timed-exclusive Dust Palace Strike Co-Op mission that isn’t on Xbox at the moment. Now we know that there’s going to be even more exclusive content for PlayStation this December.

On the PlayStation Blog, Sony has just unleashed the Destiny 4th Horseman Exotic Shotgun. This is going to be one of the brand new Destiny Dark Below Exotics and a weapon that isn’t going to be available on Xbox until Fall 2015 at the very earliest.


We can now show you for the first time, the Destiny 4th Horseman weapon stats, plus take a look at the two main features of this new weapon. As you can see, this shotgun is going to deal Arc Damage and has strength in stability and Impact.

The key perks are Final Round, allowing the last magazine in the round to deal more damage, plus Return to Sender which can score you some bonus ammo upon use – this is going to be the highlight in our opinion.

This weapon looks amazing, to the point where we’ve already seen talk among Destiny fans on social media that the 4th Horseman looks ‘overpowered’.

We can’t wait to use it though and it will go live when Dark Below launches on December 9. If you are an Xbox player reading this, let us know how you feel seeing another Exotic weapon in Destiny slip away from you – are you slightly jealous by this treatment?

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  • Py

    At the very least give xbox exclusive content as well but even then grimoire hunters like myself are kinda screwed cause it world force us to spend the 500$ To buy the other console + the game and all dlc for it….

  • Adrian

    It really isn’t fair destiny should stop these playstation exclusives cuz I’ve also been with Bungie ever since Halo CE and I believe most of us have as well

  • Austen S

    This is some bs. I’ve been with bungie from Halo: CE till now. So seeing that PlayStation gets another thing that Xbox doesn’t. Makes me mad

  • Shela

    Meh I have both consoles soo Idc >.< still like xbox servers more but if it comes down to it I love the xbox people most when their not ragging about their KD…


    Lol Stupid xbox users. You’re jealous when you dont get a few playstation exclusives on destiny. But on alot of games you get the dlc’s a month early

  • Realmz

    F*ck Playstation

  • Titan

    Same game, same price, should have same content.

    • Dylan


    • adrian

      Well said

  • Clay

    It shows how desperate $ony is. It would be fine if it was like call of duty with one month between console release but a year is absurd. Hopefully Microsoft will get a similar title so we can return the favor ir better yet be exclusive to Xbox 360/One.

    • Eazii


  • Graeme Willy

    Jealous? F- yeah I’m jealous. The game needs as much content as possible to remain playable for the year that it’s going to take to wait for all of these exclusive deals to free up, in a year. How dare they even call it “timed exclusive.” It’s practically just exclusive. Many people that played Destiny, at launch, have already moved on to other things and will not be back. I, being a season pass owner, even fear that I won’t care by time the next expansion hits(after Dark Below). We have to wait over a year to play these extra raids, strikes, crucible maps and experience guns like the pocket infinity? How lame is that?

    This whole exclusive crap has gotten out of hand and so, the PS4 fanboy might say, “should have bought a PS4, then…” oh yeah, like one game necessitates owning a PS4, who’s exclusives I’ve never historically been a big fan of in the first place. I’ve played all Killzones, including the original…but didn’t bother experiencing the last one, as I’ve heard the feedback(not good).
    I’ve played Resistance 1 and 2(boring), and I can’t even express how boring Order 1866 looks…my favorite Sony game of all time was Heavenly Sword, but Sony and the developer had a falling out and the planned sequel never moved forward, but now that developer is self-publishing their own spin-off on all consoles, called Hellblade, so no reason to own a PS4 for that. In short, I’ve owned two PS3’s…which I only purchased them for titles that showed promise, soon after disappointed, and since nothing else caught my eye over the next year in which, I had owned each, warranted selling the console, in order to fund more 360 games…and so, I guess let Sony have this exclusive deal because they need it, because their exclusives, aside from Infamous, suck.

    • Firefox365

      Just an fyi but there will not be any exclusive raids.. And Pocket infinity is not exclusive. 😉 I can care less about the exotic weapons I already have enough as is and really I wouldn’t use a shotgun much anyways. But the strikes are what make me rage a little. The should at least give us the dust palace one that is exclusive to PS and let them have Undying mind until the House of wolves DLC releases.

  • Zach Dolbeare

    Not really jealous, now I don’t have to deal with that thing in crucible.