Xbox Live Friends List problems today on Xbox One, 360

Earlier on we told you that there was a major problem with Xbox Live down globally for a sustained period of time. We’re pleased to see that the Xbox Live status is once again back online, but unfortunately it looks like there are still Xbox Live Friends List problems today on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

We have just tried to see if Xbox One Friends List is down on our own system and it definitely looks like Microsoft are having some issues.

We are assuming that the reported ‘hack’ has caused some knock on affects to the Friends List, with Microsoft being able to restore Xbox Live sign-in for everyone, but not the Friends List just yet.


As a result, Microsoft are probably fixing things up as we speak but we don’t see an official announcement of any sorts just yet. The Xbox Support team has not spoken about problems with the Xbox One Friends List down today, but it’s definitely happening.

It may be worth pointing out that we are also having Xbox One Party chat problems as well plus issues with our Xbox One mic not working, so it must be the whole system that is down at the moment.

Is this happening to you straight after the recent outage? Let us know if you have been able to get access to Xbox Live Friends List today, or if you are also having problems like us.



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