Poor Samsung Gear S review slated by users

By Peter Chubb - Dec 2, 2014

For some reason there seems to be a lot of hate with the Samsung Galaxy Gear S, as many tech websites and critics seems to give the smartwatch negative reviews. It’s as though they have already made their mind up even before having a chance to test it. And, when tested they only use it for a day or two, when products like this need a lot longer.

Engadget has released another poor Samsung Gear S review, and it is clear users are unhappy because they feel this device is being given an unfair ride. It would seem that Engadget’s readers are not happy, especially those that own one of these smartwatches because they have not experienced any of the issues being reported in these negative reviews.

Samsung Gear S review

The tech website said that the Gear S is a device that does not make much sense because it is pitched as not needing a smartphone to make calls, when in fact it does. Engadget says you also need a smartphone to remove apps from the watch, and to get social notifications.

Ok, so we know that some of this is true, as it is not designed to be a standalone device, but more of an extension of your Galaxy smartphone. As for the comments about this being too big, the smaller watches are not that great because some people with larger wrists and hands have a hard time operating them. You can also read the Gear S being compared to the LG G Watch R.

Look, small is not always better and you only have to look at the positive sales of the iPhone 6 Plus to know just what it is we mean. Read the review in full from the source above and then have a read of their comments to see the website getting slated.

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  • Димо Костов

    Gear S is the only smart watch that makes sense . I bought mine a few days ago and I’m extremely pleased with it. With an extra sim card from my carrier I can keep my number on my phone and my gear s. Even without this it can be used with separate number. It can receave notifications trough internet faraway from my phone .

  • Dood

    I have it and I love it. Gear S was exactly what I wanted in both form factor and functionality. Yes, it’s big and square, which lets me use it. I don’t want a round face on a device I’m treating like a cell phone. Yes, the app selection is limited, but I hope that will change. Battery life has been very good so far (I’ve only had it for a couple weeks). Lasts a day +, which is fine, I charge my phone and my watch every night anyway. Watch is usually at 50% by the end of a work day.

    The Opera browser is a bit slow, but it’s usable and lets me get at my news. Biggest complaint is the lack of a Gmail app. Love how I can record notes to myself, have them auto-sync with the phone, and how they convert to text automatically via voice-reco (although the accuracy isn’t fantastic).

    I do wish they’d added some side buttons, preferably programmable for customized functionality. The current interface is pretty easy to remember, but with only one button on the front, you’re pretty much forced to use screen swipes, which is fine in most cases. The band is plastic, which I don’t prefer, but it’s tolerable. My Outlook notifications come through without problems and dismissal works fine. I’ve used it for phone calls, and it’s okay, although a little quieter than I’d prefer, but a BT headset would fix that (I just don’t wear one). Some of my favorite apps include the calculator, the Gearam Music ID, POI nearby, Voice Memo, and Opera. The ability to control music on my phone is cool, but I’d like to be able to control it on my home stereo too.

    I haven’t compared this to other smartphone watches as this is the only one I’ve owned, but I will say that this is also the only one I’ve wanted to purchase so far. Oh, and I’ve got a big wrist, so it doesn’t look that funky on me. If you’re a little dood, you might not care for it as much.

    • franfine

      Bought it as a gift for my boyfriend and at first he didnt like it because it didnt have a smart remote like the other gear watch did plus the gear s didnt have a camera ,and if i could recall it was a few apps it didnt have that the other watch did . After a few days of him playin with it he started to like it ,he liked the bigger screen he liked that he can tex and just overall the watch itself. He doesnt use it as a standalone he uses it just for bluetooth.