New PS4 2.03 update today with minor change

By Alan Ng - Dec 3, 2014

We have some important PS4 news to bring you now, as Sony has just sent out a confirmation minutes ago that the PS4 2.03 update will be going live on Tuesday December 2. Look out for the update on your system as it could be live for you right now.

We already told you about the PS4 2.03 firmware update here, where we talked about some of the missing features that Sony are yet to add to the system – DLNA being a prime example.

However, if you are expecting new features with PS4 2.03 it looks like you are going to be disappointed again. Sony has essentially confirmed that the new PS4 2.03 update today is only a minor one.

The Tweet released prior to the update going live offers a preview of the PS4 2.03 update notes which reveal that it is yet another stability update.


It’s obviously disappointing, but we imagine that Sony has their reasons for doing so and it could be laying the groundwork for the next major update – PS4 2.05 which will surely come with new functionality.

At the moment, the update is not live for us but it could arrive at any moment. Check the System Software Update menu in settings and let us know if you are already installing PS4 2.03.

What is your opinion on the frequent stability updates from Sony. Do you understand it or do you get angry about it?

Let us know what you are waiting to see added to the PS4 feature list. What is the key feature missing for you?

Update: We can see that Sony has still not launched the PS4 2.03 firmware update today, despite saying on Twitter that it would be out on Tuesday evening. We’re still checking for it though so stay tuned and let us know what you notice after installing.

Update 2: We’re pleased to say that the 2.03 update is now live and available to download. It’s 217.2MB in size and you can get the details here.

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  • Jesse

    hey guys I just wanted to know if it’s possible to watch a live English premier league soccer games on my ps4 console with the T.v and video apps provided??is there any app I can use to watch it??

  • Fauled

    My ps4 doesn´t start at all after this update 2.03. Heeeeelp!

    • Josh101

      I hope you didn’t unplug it during the installation or download sequence. You may have bricked your console 🙁

      • Fauled

        I didn’t unplug the ps4 during update but it don’t work more

  • Robert

    Better support for my turtle beach headset, I was disappointed that PS4 doesn’t support third party headsets through wireless connection . It seems to me that the PS3 is more advanced in alot of ways, for example the support of third party headsets. Although I plug in my turtle beach headset via the controller I have absolute zero control of the functionality I can’t adjust the volume, sound field or mic.As a consumer I expected much better than that. I am hoping they usher in better support for third party seeing how I paid $300 for the turtle beach and $1,500.00 for the awesome PS4 bundle at launch last year for an extra controller and 6 games. But because if how much it cost I have to be completely honest very disappointed in the PS4 experience so far.

    • Josh101

      HOLY CRAP. $1500!?! Dude, I hope it included a PS Vita and a few games, a extra memory card, 2 controllers and a back massage. That’s a hefty price-tag.

      • Robert

        Yeah, I got an extra controller and 6 games. I got the 3 years accidentally damage coverage . Plus I got it at launch when none were available so I guess that’s where they hit you with the premium price.

  • joe

    we need the usb slots to work properly, need to be able to import jpegs and such to edit pes 15 so we can have licenses. also we need to be able to share game saves…… used to be able to download entire edit files from the internet for pes

  • brian

    Just want sound and hdmi support, never had it since v2.0 was installed.

    • Raiy3nku

      unplug the hdmi cables and power cables from the tv/ps4 for a couple of minutes to reset the hdmi ports, the plug back and power on.. it should do the trick. worked for me

  • Joseph Snodgrass

    All for i runs cooler