Destiny New Vex Mythoclast review after 323 buff

By Alan Ng - Dec 2, 2014

It is going to be a very interesting day for Destiny players on Tuesday, since Bungie has introduced some massive weapon changes after the Destiny December 1 update. We are focusing on Destiny’s new Vex Mythoclast review now, since this weapon can now go higher than the max stat of 300, with a Vex Mythoclast buff to 323 attack.

Some Destiny players are already complaining that the new Vex Mythoclast Exotic Fusion Rifle is overpowered after the update. However, we are only noticing a 10-20% increase in damage and we don’t think that warrants an instant ‘overpowered’ reaction from what we see all over social media right now.

The biggest problem with the Vex Mythoclast is ammo capacity and it remains the Vex’s biggest flaw after the buff. Damage is going to be irrelevant if you are always running out of ammo with this weapon, so we don’t think there is a huge problem with the new Vex Mythoclast – it’s actually a great update.


Don’t forget that there are new Destiny Raids on the way and most of you will be having problems with the new bosses that are around level 30. This is clearly a move made by Destiny on purpose with the extra damage on the Vex helping to ease the situation a bit.

We’ve included some instant gamer feedback with a few new Vex Mythoclast reviews in Destiny after the buff to 323 attack. We think you will find both videos extremely useful so watch them and let us know what you think.

Is this weapon now overpowered or do you completely disagree?

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  • AOPrinciple

    I am in the “completely disagree” camp about the the idea that the mythoclast is now overpowered again. It was definitely overpowered when it was first introduced, but not anymore, and not even after the most recent patch. The nightfall strike this week offers a solar burn, so I was eager to try the new mythoclast out. It felt like a powerful gun again, but I thought it’s precision damage was a little bit weak. Even at medium range the stability makes it hard to get precision shots if you’re firing quickly. I switched back to the vision of confluence to test the difference and, in my opinion, the VoC is *still* the superior gun. Precision shots did much more damage, and you could string precision shots consistently on full auto at long range. Even at medium range, the VoC will out-dps the mythoclast. Sucks.

  • Bambob01

    its 323 ATTACK not damage, plz correct this there not the same thing, the impact is the damage the attack allows more dame to be caused to higher level enemies,