Cicret Bracelet release date with scam warning

By Alan Ng - Dec 2, 2014

We’ve had Google’s Glass shock the world with their innovative wearable earlier this year, then Apple followed that up with the unveil of their beautiful Apple Watch a few months ago. Now, another wearable has arrived on the scene, in the form of the Cicret bracelet which claims to offer a virtual Android experience beamed onto your skin without any hardware involved.

It sounds amazing and you’ll probably be gobsmacked once you have finished watching the Cicret Bracelet trailer below. For those that are wondering how the Cicret Bracelet works, it utilises a combination of a Pico Projector, eight motion sensors and accelerometer to make the magic happen.

There’s also tiny other components within the bracelet which will allow for communication with your phone – these include Bluetooth, WiFi component and a built-in vibrator as well.


It all sounds too good to be true though and there are some important notes to consider. At this time, there is no Cicret Bracelet release date in sight so that’s disappointing. There’s also no idea of an initial Cicret Bracelet price to give you an idea either.

This video has created a massive debate so far, with over one million hits on YouTube for the promo video generated. We see that a lot of consumers are asking is the Cicret Bracelet real or fake, but it looks like a genuine product based on the professional marketing in the clip below.


The official Circet bracelet website is here, while there’s also a Facebook page that has been set up here. The potentially worrying thing about the product though is that there’s no guaranteed evidence that this dream-like device will ever make it to market.

There’s also no Cicret Bracelet Kickstarter page or any other similar Crowdfunding websites for that matter, despite the fact that the creators are asking for a $1,000,000 USD donation to help build the first prototype and the accompanying Cicret app.

So in simple terms, it looks like the developers are relying on the generosity of the social world for the moment and we can see that they are already 11% clear on their goal.

With no guarantee on whether there will be a confirmed Cicret Bracelet launch date though, it does seem like there are some risks involved if consumers are donating on the assumption that it is coming out. We also couldn’t help but notice that there are some Cicret Bracelet scams appearing on websites such as Ebay, attempting to fool buyers into thinking that the Cicret Bracelet pre-order is already live.

Nevertheless, this is one of the best concepts that we have ever seen for a wearable device. Check out the images and the video below – then let us know what you think about it.

It sounds amazing right, so will you be donating ‘blind’ so to speak?

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  • Larry Morgan

    people got ripped off with this.

  • MAGA68

    This product will happen…whether this manufacturer or another. The Syfy show “Incorporated” uses a version of this… and if we have learned anything, if it’s on a science fiction show or movie we will eventually make it (star trek communicators =flip trek next generation – everyone has I pads and touch screens years before we had it).

    Someone will Crack this egg, count on it.

  • Xfhjn

    Well you have to consider that this article was written over 2 years ago. Things could of changed

  • Timothy Campbell

    They should be raising money themselves because if someone donated and it doesn’t make it to market then they got ripped off they need to just go do a bake sale or get loans go to shark tank maybe then they can get help and it will be a real product soon

    • MAGA68

      Why ask for money from someone that expects and demands results and wants a piece of your company when you can get stupid saps that get nothing but a T-shirt and some emails for their money?

      The internet has become the ultimate sucker spot.

  • Andrea Chicco

    1- They say visible on all skin types.
    My friend black ebony disagrees 😉
    2- The low energy laser pixels does not exist.
    3- if the truth that is already built a piece was easy to find sponsors and the donation would be useless
    this donation is a good scam …100%

    Fake fake fake

  • karan

    price in indean curasi

  • Secur3IT

    This is an amazing device, not sure why a company like apple or android have not bought this concept over yet but it would be a great concept to develop.

  • Phillipines

    Waiting on the philippines

  • রোকন আল মাহমুদ লক্ষীপুর

    atar price kto

  • Rajesh

    I waiting for coming in India, i’m really impress……..

  • naseer

    Plzcall tell me

  • naseer

    Where’s I buy this plzcall tell me

  • baskar

    when we get this bracelet? kindly give the releasing date?

  • mahesh

    i am wating in india

  • charles

    I’m a 53 year old designer, and I check everything, did you check the names of the founders? there are 5 Pascal Pommier Guillaume Pommier Nicolas Cruchon Fabien Noblet and Laetitia Imperatrice go and ask questions, there are located in Paris France

  • Josh Cragle

    Gotabooboo states all the flaws in the video with a realistic phone screen, but it says that they are the possibilities, not the real thing. They already have a prototype out by the way, Michael Harris

    • Robert “Aaron” Hulsey

      Actually, that video was put together as, “this is what we plan to eventually make.” They have another video out of a WORKING prototype that you may want to check out.

  • jay wilson

    I don’t care how many hits they got on YouTube, this is a total scam. First of
    all, there is no way a picoprojector can have sideways infinite focus. In fact,
    I don’t think any of these simulations are possible with today’s
    technology, esp. for a consumer product. Why are they bypassing Kickstarter or other crowd-funding

    Never mind that, just hit the damn Click Here to Donate button and kiss your Euro good-by….or better yet send ME the money and I’ll make sure it gets to the right place…

    • Robert “Aaron” Hulsey

      The video shown is what they wanted to eventually accomplish. Also, they have released another video which shows a WORKING prototype. I have been keeping up with this project from day one and it is far from a scam.

      • Trev

        Its CGI.. theres no working prorotype

        • Don Wiggins

          People believe everything they “see” in a video! lol

      • Lakawak uneducated worthless idiot has “kept up with it” been scammed every time, and not says it is not a scam.
        anything to keep from killing yourself over your worthlessness, Bobby.

    • Samuel

      Please don’t be so negative towards an idea of someone else unless you have something more brilliant to boast off.

      i do not know or have any contact with any person(s) trying to create this device but i do believe that if you share your dream then that makes you a brave person,

      please atleast try to appreciate the concept.

      • Andrea Chicco

        jay wilson tells the truth.
        this technology can not exist.
        agree to share a dream but these people look for money with donation

        • marko

          I seriously doubt that this wareable “smartband” exist, however the technology already exists, it just sucks. At a local mall here in Houston there’s a projector by the kid’s playpen that projects a bunch of balloons on the floor, when you step on them they go flying as if you kicked them. The kids love it, but its definitely not a desirable experience for a phone. I’m sure in another decade the tech for projectors and sensors will be capable of comfortably making a projecor smartband, but not today’s traditonal tech.

    • Andrea Chicco

      you say the truth, If there were colors laser pixels, That day may be possible.
      But this does not exist.
      through donation this dream is a legal scam. When the project fall all money into the pockets & on island everyone happy.
      if it were feasible today preorders already begun.

    • Spencer

      Jay they already have a working prototype. Also who are you to say what cant be done in the future?

  • Kittkatt76

    They coulda used someone who didn’t bite their nails.

  • vinoth ezhilan

    Really a good product… If its true, why can’t they show us the 16%(26th jan 2015) work progress as like promo video. They din give us a single reason to believe.

  • Jim Slade

    Let the scam continue!

  • Michael Harris

    Shadows in the way, lens distortion from a single lens projecting along the z axis, IR sensitivity and depth alignment with the screen, brightness of the image, just so many flaws and hurdles to overcome, not to mention the fact that they lied about their promotional video acting like it is already out in prototype form.

    Just another scam with a shiny new video. Caveat Emptor²

  • Gotabooboo

    Lol the video image on the arm is imposed by someone else, the section where he plays Fruit mania the swipes on the screen don’t follow his swipe. And also the section on the bike handlebar also shows the image moving differently from his gesture.
    But if it makes it to fruitation I’ll buy one.

  • doingdonkeys

    Okay I have a Samsung gear I can record video and take pictures of things without pulling out my phone. Without a microphone or speaker on it I don’t see the point it needs 3 things and then it will crush the competition microphone, speaker and camera and I may even have to switch

  • ZZ

    sucks for models with boney arms.
    i like using both my hands to type or play games on the app. I wouldnt get this even if they give me for free.

  • nop666

    It’s pure scam. The video is a simulation, & none of the claimed functions can be achieved with current technology. It /might/ be possible to produce a working prototype of a device like this in ten years, but I wouldn’t bet my own money on it.

    • jeff234

      Well they currently have very small pico projectors, this looks doable. Battery life might suck

      • nop666

        No, there are no projectors that can project sideways like that.

        • A

          Yeah there is

        • nop666

          “Yeah there is”
          [Citation needed]

        • sip ski

          I agree with you. I am working on picoprojector technology myself and
          this is a scam. First of all, the only projector that can give this
          kind of luminance output is superbright LED, but they can not do
          infinite focus. The only picoprojector that could do that is laser
          picoprojector. The battery power in the bracelet won’t last more that
          10 min (assuming they are using Lithium battery). There is no current
          energy dense battery that size that will last more than 10 min! The
          design is very similar to Jawbone bracelet.

        • Robert “Aaron” Hulsey

          Actually mit researchers have developed an aluminum ion that can charge a lot faster than lithium ion batteries and that should be able to hold the same amount of charge in a smaller package.

    • Mex Seiko

      This “company” is looking for donors. Dunno why they wouldn’t look for investors. The whole thing looks shady to me. What if they’re terrorist being funded through this scam?

      • nop666

        They got thrown off Kickstarter. Now they’re asking for donations, because that way, they have no legal obligation to provide a product. I doubt it’s anything to do do with terrorism, just an ordinary scam for $$$.

    • Tymathea

      I told my 7 year old that he may have one of these someday. 10 years from now would be good… he can’t keep a tablet in one piece.

    • Zac cap

      No, our technology today is so advanced and by ten years we well have self driving car everywhere and people will live on the moon!!
      And it is not a fake because we do have micro projectors!

  • William


  • Dalton Hunt

    Looks cool but I wonder how well it would work if you have tattoos around the wrist and forearm area as I do?

    • William

      use your other arm

      • icabod fnarfnar

        The white one? 😉

    • I’m assuming probably not so well. It might function normally but you would have trouble seeing it.

    • joe

      I was actually wondering; what if you’re black….

      • Dalton Hunt

        Might show up better… especially in the day.

      • Fred Brooks

        You just set the switch to “negative” and it all comes out normally.

      • CC

        what if you are hairy? (not that I am, of course)

        • Jim Slade

          What is you have no arms?

  • AreSolberg

    How do you project a dark image onto a light surface? You can’t project a black image on any surface and expect it to come out as black unless the surface itself is black.

    • Zachary

      It works just like a real projector, emitting different colors set by background color settings.

      • nop666

        You can’t project darkness. That’s why LCDs suck in sunlight.

  • stuart

    will it work on black skin?

  • ghggfv

    Looks like vaporware.

  • Alex Cmobbs

    If you want something that isn’t a scam that’s really cool go on kickstarted and put in earin

  • Observant_One

    How well is it going to work for a black skinned person?

    • Jake D

      Works bette on blacks id say

  • lee

    I just thought it was funny that there’s a built in vibrator women will love this

    • Jerry Irmeli Paulin

      how deluded you are to think that is funny

    • Robert “Aaron” Hulsey

      In that case, women must love cell phones, a lot of the cell phone accessories on the market, video games, do I need to keep going?

  • Suyash

    All was very amusing but part 00:14 till 1:48 sucked a lil bit. as you see you have your projected screen shaking up over the screen or wherever it may be. if it takes so hard for you to rotate the bracelet around, I wonder how can it be so loose that the projected screen shakes up !!

    • smumdax

      It’s a simulation. The prototype isn’t done yet. It’s mentionned clearly on their website.

  • Blarg

    Nobody is going to point out the obvious? Okay, I guess I will try.

    They say that they are going to use 8 sensor beams to detect where you are essentially “tapping” on your phone. This won’t work.

    They would have to custom build so many pieces of software to work with this setup that there is literally no way they will ever have enough money to get this thing out the door.

    It’s a nice thought, but I’d rather wait until Sony/Samsung/Apple decide to try one of these out. Not some no name 3rd party.

    • WiseGuys Advice

      It’s actually not as complicated as you think. It can be achieved with less than 100 lines of code actually. The problem I foresee with this technology is that, while it may be able to detect the finger’s x and y position, it has no way of inputting gestures on the surface of the projected display area. They would need another array of sensors that monitor movements closer to the surface, using the top array and bottom array of sensors they can monitor 3d space and detect the finger’s z position above the surface and whether they are making gestures such as tapping, pinching, etc on the surface or not.

      • Zephyr

        What if it could judge on a strictly horizontal plain? If it used some form of “sonar resembling” measurements from the bracelet to see where the projected screen was pressed? Because I have the idea, and I can see it potentially working, but even then it is so experimental that it would be very difficult. I think all the tech is there, it just all needs to be applied correctly.

        • zachary

          Similar to the Xbox motion design.

    • fff

      Yeah I’m not worried about the IR sensors. That’s insanely easy and proven tech. More worried about screen streaming and lens distortion while keeping good battery life and staying visible in light.

    • jumanji

      Here’s the reason why the bar of IR sensors is such a challenging method for detecting location in this application: there’s no way to for the device to identify where the image projects on your arm. So while you can use IR to detect the location of your fingers with respect to the bracelet, you really need to know the location of your fingers with respect to the image projected onto your arm. That’s not straightforward. Put a camera next to the projector? Maybe. Still seems like it would be inaccurate, but maybe could work with stereo cameras to get some depth. Still, the math seems almost impossible given the huge number of variables. Put in a calibration routine to locate touch with respect to image? Calibration will need to be reset if you rotate the bracelet, or if the bracelet moves along your arm. The arm has unpredictable contours. And it’s different for every person. The touch and image projection are the focus of the video, and both have huge challenges. Speaking of the image – if they use the image projection method described, every time you touch the image with your finger, you’ll block the projector and leave a shadow, blocking the entire image to the left of your finger. I think the idea is totally half baked. You’ll need a lot more than €700,000 or whatever the developer is asking in donations. And you’ll need to change some laws of physics, too.

      • Matt

        Actually, the sensors would only have to measure the distance from the bracelet to the finger, as the bracelet has both the projector *and* the sensors, so moving one moves the other, the only real calibration required would be for straightening the image for those that were picky about exact precision, with quite minor distortion along the contours of the arm. However, what you said about the shadowing beyond the finger press is more accurate, though you can avoid that as well by not pressing entirely down onto the skin, as the sensors are mounted above the projector. Also, an easy workaround would be to sync a pair of projectors to a single image (though the calibration for THAT would suck), and the intersection of the projectors would allow for the entire image to still be (more or less) visible, though some dimming of it opposite the projectors would still occur. Also, the challenges aren’t very great – the Projection Keyboard is an existing example of a similar idea (a touchable projection) – so, in actuality, with the money to get the product constructed and programmed, it could be a definite possibility, easily within modern technology’s grasp.

      • James

        I bought a projector keyboard about 10 years ago that responded very nicely to keystrokes as fast as I could type (~60 wpm.)
        Worked on a flat surface, even cloth, with a single spectrum red image.
        How this could apply to amulti-colour on a lumpy human arm I’m not sure, but the air of plausibility is clear.

  • gajjar

    its’ not possible to touch screen process in projector ray
    so it is fack video

    • jeff234

      You should search for projector keyboards.

  • ragil abdulloh saputro

    where i can have the cicret bracelet?

    • Robert “Aaron” Hulsey

      It’s still in development.

  • walmond

    Their website is a FREE WordPress account with a WordPress template and has spelling errors in the title! Only two of the pictures shown are not stock and the ones they do use I’m sure are used without Samsung’s permission.

    “At the beginning, there was a simple sketch…”(stupid napkin drawing)

    “…then a first moulding.” (stupid plastic mold)

    “Now it’s a dream we want to share with you.” Pretty sure that is all they did, sketch, mold, PRODUCT!!! and they want 1 million euros to finish the first prototype. This might be somebody’s good idea, but they are trying really hard to not show you how they built it.

    “Contact us” is a free gmail account… Yep everything about this say scam.

    • nop666

      Yes, it’s a complete scam. No doubt idiots will throw money at them, as with the nearly as stupid solar road panel projects, or the flying cars. Who knows, maybe the suckers will learn something after losing their money.

      • copperhead


  • Eric

    Can your big bulky home projector to a 30 degree side projection? why you believe there will be a bracelet with tiny LED light and tiny lens can go a perfect 90 degree side projection on an uneven surface like your arm??? Go on! put your money to support the internet funding scam!

  • Miss. Melody

    So what if you’re dark skinned? How would the color quality be on African-American or Indian toned skin?

    • Renaldi I.

      What about arm hair? Grease or oily skin? wrinkly or warped skin? scars? too many variables and too many questions

      • Hannah

        Yes, or what if it’s freezing out and you’re wearing a big jacket?


      what colour are you + niggas can’t afford it. from dillan

    • BordwithBS

      …or one-armed??? Or hairy-armed? Or scarred? What about protruding veins? or Birthmarks?

      I’ll wait until the same thing can be installed inside my brain and I can access it by pinching my nose….

  • guest jon

    The black isn’t actually black it’s a bit like a projector or phone in the dark when the screen is loading you see the light but its not black light its like the color grey but the color is made very dark or the black is that part not projecting light at all

    • Jeremy

      Good theory, but the video clearly shows display black as being far darker than the skin it’s “projecting” onto. Even if they COULD make it work, it’d be completely useless in daylight.

      • Jerry Irmeli Paulin

        instead of being a doubting thomas…why not ask the company their opinion and not look like some armchair quarterback on here?

    • nop666

      If you watch the video, you can see that they’ve just used CGI to map the ‘projected’ image onto the arm, & not very well – watch it when the person moves their arm; there is no actual projector.

  • Jonny Bravo

    Such a fake. If he touches fingers to the skin there should be no projection behind that finger. On this silly advert, its still there. Perhaps the light is going through?? Could be. Also, Kendal is very right, black is not a light. This is such a b******t!

    • tk

      You realise that this is simply a marketing campaign right? On their website they clearly state that they still need to raise money to develop the first prototype.

      I.e. it doesnt actually exist yet.

      • jumanji

        Correct. The product doesn’t exist. All the screen images are synthesized images and the video was edited to add in the images. The editing is poor, with the shaky images in many scenes. Also, in the bicycle scene, the editing is so poor when the person is doing pinch and zoom that part of the image shows up under the fingers and part of the image shows up on top of the fingers… B look closely and you’ll see it. Just an artifact of poor editing in of a fake image.

        In the real product, the projector is said to come from the bracelet. First, it’s very difficult to create an image on a contour surface at a 90° angle from the projector. Second, if you touch the image, you will have the shadow of your finger block the projector.

  • joseph kiska


  • Kendall Bassett

    This can’t work, because you cannot project black. Black is the lack of light, not light.

    • Done

      The idea is the projection in the same way a movie projector works, projecting dark colors to show dark areas of the picture.

      • Guest

        Projectors do not project black, black is the lack of light, not a thing on its own. A projector works well in a darkened room, the black is the areas that receive no light. This would work in the dark when light toned skin is dark (this is the maximum amount of black that can be perceived), but not in the light. It is simple physics folks. dark is not a thing that exists, it is simply the lack of light, so you cannot introduce it where it doesn’t already exist.

      • Kendall Bassett

        Projectors do not project black, black is the lack of light, not a thing on its own. A projector works well in a darkened room, the black is the areas that receive no light. This would work in the dark when light toned skin is dark (this is the maximum amount of black that could be perceived), but not in bright light as seen in the video. It is simple physics folks. dark is not a force that exists, it is simply the lack of light, so you cannot introduce since it does not exist as a force.

    • soni

      let launch first then u say if there is any fault dont judge by its look well if they hve made they would have done everything with all sort of thinking and then made a decision to make it and giv an ad.
      dont be try to be oversmart before then later u have to put ur head down looking to ground

    • PilotK96

      You can. It’s called a shadow.

      • Kendall Bassett

        A shadow is the lack of light, it is the bright light around it that makes it appear dark.

        • Dan Robinson

          How are there so many people that can’t grasp that you can’t project black? Stop trying Kendall. They’re hopeless.

        • Kendall Bassett

          Maybe someone has a cool flashlight that can throw a black dot in a bright room. That would be a billion dollar invention. 🙂

        • gadgetfreak

          i don’t think I’ve ever come across any one so ridiculously stupid in all my life lmao a projector cannot project the colour black???? and a projector projecting black doesn’t project any colour at all? so for a start how does it produce tones of black???? black as your stating it would be essentially one shade of black. what if i wanted a lighter shade of black is there any colour then? you need to stop commenting like you know what you’re talking about it is only embarrassing yourself. The only screens to produce true black in the way your describing by not producing any colour but turning off is the led display

        • Kendall Bassett

          You are so ignorant, you do not even know how ignorant that you are, but do not fear, ignorance is fixable, but stupid is forever, so there is no hope for me according to your post. FYI, the black has to be there to start with. I am talking WAY over your head and speaking on color theory that makes the image shown at the top of this page impossible.

    • rob

      but, projectors work, on white screens….. and on your skin, so this can…

      • Kendall Bassett

        Projectors do not project black, black is the lack of light, not a thing on its own. A projector works well in a darkened room, the black is the areas that receive no light, and you perceive it as black. So, yes this could work in a dark room, but only on a light skinned person. In the video they are projecting black, this cannot happen.

        • Juck

          Utter nonsense.

        • Kendall Bassett

          Well to the uneducated mind maybe. You will have to get your family physicist to explain this to you.

        • tk

          Maybe you should check out their website. They clearly state that it doesn’t actually exist yet so the video is obviously mocked up.

          But just because you cant project pure, true black, it doesnt mean you cant project something that resembles black.

        • Timothy Ethan Engle

          You are right projectors cannot project pure black… but neither can a phone screen or a computer monitor or a television see where this is going? All these devices including projectors use RGB colors, which is a combination of light that is subtractive unlike CMYK colors used for print which is additive. So is it possible?…yes. Will it happen and will it look good on skin? That is yet to be seen. Maybe do some research before spouting off mindless nonsense?

        • Kendall Bassett

          You are wrong on your color theory, Monitors use additive color not subtractive. Additive colors start with black as a base and add light in GRB to create color. The black is already there in the beginning. Subtractive color starts out on a substrate and adds pigment to subtract light from the substrate. You crack me up. I am very well versed in color theory having worked in the field for 30 years. I have done more research then you can possibly imagine. I am assuming all the vitriol is from people who actually threw money at this obvious scam.

        • Agent

          You’re a straight up idiot. Black is not the lack of light. My projector screen is *white*, so if there was no light projected onto it I would see white. But I see black, or at least something close to it. Sit down and stop pretending to be something you’re not, you sound stupid.

        • Zephyr

          You guys are forgetting that they do not have to use the color black. They can use a Grey or a light subtle blue that may appear to be grey. For now more than likely a scam but the technology is there.

    • Raj

      If you’ve ever seen a movie in a movie theatre they project the movie so saying that black can’t be projected is wrong, but also whenever black is being used as a color it isn’t really black anyways it’s just a very very dark color mankind has never produced anything that was 100% black but there is a fabric that is 99.9% or very close to that black that was recently invented but ya this bracelet is a huge scam the took one of those UP fitness bracelets and used that with video editing to create the commercial

      • mister latte

        Have you ever used a pico projector? If you have you know that it works in any light. This prototype is not far off from reality. I have seen microvision on the market since 2009 when it won best of show at macworld. It is possible that the device will exist. Sooner than later

    • Zephyr

      Black is simply just a shade. Even on a projector you can project the color black onto a white surface. Eventually someone will figure out how to do it, but there are a lot of flaws and a lot of variables. I doubt a 3rd party would be able to pull it off with donations but a large manufacturer like Samsung or Apple for instance who have the funds already may begin research in the future, in the long run plausable, but it’s a long shot.

  • Guest

    This can’t work, because you cannot project black.

  • Guest

    When I googled Cicret Bracelet review several ads for the braclet popped up including Target, Academy Sports & ABT Electronics. I could understand something on eBay being a scam but these 3 too? Never mind, I re-looked at the ads & they were for Jawbone. However, it appears to be the same concept.

    • Joe

      Jawbone is a fitness tracker

  • Terry Toolan

    as a computer programmer who also studied physics, I would just like to say beware –
    Pretty cool idea, apart from the fatal flaw –

    As you move your fingers in front of the projector, it would cast a shadow.

    Even without this fatal flaw – responsivity with 8 proximity sensors wouldn’t even approach that of an iphone.
    And don’t get me started on having to shave your arm …
    This is clever marketing, and the reason many are crying spam? – do not donate to something which, if real, would have tremendous market potential. (ask yourself why they don’t have financial backing). The Youtube clips appear to be of actors, moving their fingers to a pre-programmed set of pictures to give the illusion of the fully functional end product. You see no faces.

    Please do share so that no-one is duped.
    Conclusion: Scam

    • Amado Tuffour

      The shaving of the arm was the one thing that was an immediate deterrent for me.

    • Guest

      if they are asking for a donation for building the first prototype the what is the
      video all about it seems that the product is still in the thought and mind stage and
      there is no such device that they have developed ” just like the virtual display video
      that came for the iphone 6 “

    • Anand

      how to use camera in this????? Cicret bracelet

    • muhammed

      What is the price of this