Xbox Live down on December 1 with 80151909 error

By Alan Ng - Dec 1, 2014

We thought we had seen the last of Xbox Live outages, but unfortunately it looks Xbox Live is down today on December 1 for the wrong reasons. Reports are now widespread with Xbox Live 80151909 errors and suggestions the Xbox Live has been hacked by the LizardSquad group again.

At the moment, we are having Xbox Live problems as well, with our Xbox Live login completely down and unavailable at this time. We can see that LizardSquad are once again claiming responsibility for this, as you can see from their statement on Twitter which was left just one hour ago.

It is obviously not the first time in which this group has targeted the Xbox Live servers and somehow they have once again managed to break through Microsoft’s security.


After the first time, we would have thought that Microsoft would step up their protection services, but obviously these people have still found a way and it’s obviously extremely frustrating for those involved.

Interestingly, the Xbox Live status checker page suggests that there are no problems at the moment with Xbox Live Core servers ‘up and running’, but we definitely can’t log in right now.

Give us your thoughts on this. Is Xbox Live not working for you in your area at the moment, or are you able to get in? What do you say to LizardSquad in response to this?

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  • Israel Veliz

    Down in miami beach florida for the first time since i bought this game .i guess ill have to wait one more week till xur comes back to finish my exotic bounty .hoping it’ll b back up by then

  • stephen

    down again in texas… it was funny the first time. not anymore!

  • JOhnnys mom

    down again in iowa… wtf??

  • sadface

    Still not working for Netflix

  • Ryan

    Ive had trouble for last 2 days, its really annoying

  • xx10ptbuckxx

    down in wisconsin

  • celtic crunch 193

    oh yeah they shut us down here in South Tennessee as well,good job lizard squad that’s pretty funny

  • Dasig

    Long live RPGs!

    • blzzy_gie

      It’s not down in the UK it was fine all day.

  • Quip

    Personally I think it’s damn hilarious.

    • Notnilc20

      Easily amused i see

  • Jonathan

    I was unable to log in for a few hours here in central Alabama from around 6-10 PM CST. Now that I am back on though, anything I try to use doesn’t work and I get an error saying “this game requires an Internet connection” even though I am online. I can’t play any games requiring internet and the same goes for video apps and other things. I don’t believe it is my Xbox given the fact that this started after the outage. But of course the Xbox Live status page shows no problems.
    I think it is ridiculous for anyone to do this kind of thing just for the joy of disruption and recognition. Pissing people off like this for fun is a lot like large scale trolling. I hope they are caught and punished. Then they can see what “disruption” is like when their freedom is taken away.

    • Guest

      Down in Orlando, Florida.