Pokemon ORAS New Shiny Mega evolution list showcased

We have some fantastic information for those that are currently enjoying their Pokemon ORAS adventure, but seek some details with regards to the Pokemon ORAS New Shiny Mega evolution list.

We can now bring you an entire showcase of all the new Pokemon ORAS mega evolutions in the game and even better – their shiny versions too which often feature entirely new designs.

Watch the video below and you will be able to witness the exact shiny mega evolutions for Pokemon such as Sableye and Steelix. Keep watching until the end and you’ll also be able to get a peek at some of the rarer shiny mega evolutions – we’re talking about shiny mega Rayquaza and also shiny mega Latias as well.


Game Freak has once again given gamers another amazing Pokemon adventure to look forward to and don’t forget we are only just getting started. Wait until all of the Pokemon ORAS start in 2015 – it will keep you busy for a long time indeed.


Which is your favorite shiny mega evolution so far? More importantly – how many have you been able to catch ‘legitimately’ yourself?



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