Mercedes SL63 World Championship Edition price deferred

The F1 World Championship was not the most thrilling of the year because of the domination of the Mercedes F1 team, although a great result for fans of Lewis Hamilton. The reason why we are talking about this is because there is a new Mercedes SL63 World Championship Edition model being released.

It was obvious the German carmaker was going to do something special, and by offering two version of this upcoming model, one designed by Lewis Hamilton and the other by Nico Rosberg, it was the best way to celebrate winning the constructors and drivers championship.

Mercedes World Championship edition

Hamilton’s version will have the Silverstone circuit layout on key areas for the car in black with gold accents, whereas Rosberg’s will have the map of Hockenheim with white with silver accents. If I had the money it would have to be the black model because it looks angrier, and the fact I’m British.

Looking on the Mercedes-Benz Facebook page the Mercedes SL63 World Championship edition price has been deferred for a later date, although we cannot see these being cheap seeing as though there will be just 19 examples of each.

There is not much more we can tell you about this model, but once we know more we will update you.



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