Hudl 2 accessories with new Tesco incentive

The Hudl 2 is a rather impressive tablet, not because it has the best hardware, as it does not, but more so with its price point. Tesco had huge success with its first tablet last year and wanted to build on that in 2014, and from what we know things have gone rather well for the newer model. Tesco also released a bunch of Hudl 2 accessories and we are pleased to see an incentive that gives you around a third off their price.

With Christmas fast approaching there will be a need for accessories to go with the Hudl 2 and you cannot moan abut getting a third off, although you will need to enter the code TD-HFTP at the checkout. One of the first accessory times you need to consider first is a case, and we have already covered some of them earlier this year.

Hudl 2 accessories

However, seeing as though it is Cyber Monday we can see why Tesco would want to offer its customers such an incentive, and there is now an even bigger choice than before. There Hudl 2 cases and covers for all tastes on Tesco Direct, although not a tough one to help protect it against tougher environments.

Most cases are currently £20, although there are others for £15 and £10, along with an Aux Cable Black, Stylus, and an Anti-reflective Screen Protector Kit. Remember the price you see is not the price you pay, as you have to enter that code at the checkout to get that money off.



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