Forge of Empires Winter 2014 quests list with answers

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 4, 2014

The next event within Forge of Empires is live, throughout Winter 2014 the quests list will be tackled for online gamers to unlock presents each day by spending stars. The tasks you need to complete come with a riddle from Frosty the Snowman and each time you complete a quest it results in a reward, with the first being 12 stars.

You will need to build a decoration from your current age, or 5 from the previous age, within the first Ho ho ho quest like we’ve seen at the start of other events. The other riddles will have a mix of new and similar things to do with a range of stars to unlock hidden surprises. The full Forge of Empires Winter quests will be featured in a list with answers below for the 2014 event.


The First Day of Winter – this riddle is named Ho ho ho and explains Frosty is back in town. He’s here to not only celebrate the winter feast, but also to set a new task every day and will reward you with stars. You will need to make people enthusiastic and build a decoration from your age, or if from a previous age it will need to be five from the age before your current one.


You won’t be able to rush through these riddles and quests to get more stars faster. The best present for today is the Gingerbread House in Forge of Empires, and as you can see below we were lucky enough to find the Gingerbread House. The hidden reward was found after spending all our stars, and we are not about to spend real world money to get diamonds for more stars.


The Second Day of Winter – this year you won’t really find anything complicated to solve, not like the Halloween riddles, so with this task you just need to pay a few friendly visits. You need to get players nearby in the winter spirit by motivating or polishing 12 buildings.

The Third Day – includes a little riddle with frosty wanting to ho-ho-hold a giant party, a celebration of winter! He states, “I need you help to make this happen. Let’s start by producing supplies”. You will need to finish a 1-hour production 3 times to collect 12 stars.

What Forge of Empires Winter quest have you reached and if you got stuck anywhere, then let us know the riddles or problem? You have 34 days to complete all quests starting from December 1st, so there’s plenty of time until the end date for this Forge of Empires Winter event. Our article is developing while we list the riddles, quests, and answers above. Leave a comment below with your experience so far.

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  • Kira

    It’s day 34 by the way

  • Kira

    i’ve completed all frosty’s quest and in the end he says someone close to u comes and then that rinbin comes and tells me to win a confectionary and build it then delete it !!! What should i do i don’t have any stars left and i can’t buy them !! :/ and no i’m not a member of any guild 🙁
    Please help me 🙁

  • Kira

    Pablo u must build 2 decorations from ur current age not prev age .

  • pablo

    Anyone knows the solution for the 31day, please? I built two decorations from my previous age, but it doesnt work 🙁 what have i to do?

  • Tonj

    Anyone knows the solution for the 24day, please? Am totally at lost here. It requires to eliminate 2 units of the present age or 4 from previous age, and it has the military symbol. I’ve already tried pretty much everything I could think of, from selling military buildings to loosing units at combat – with no success.

    • smtng

      You should go to army management and select to delete units – big red button on the left.

      • Tonj

        Oh gosh! Thanks so much! 🙂

  • Kiara

    If u want to thank me visit me and polish or motivate one my buildings lololo i’m kiara the huntress on bisgard

  • Kiara

    Hey everyone who has stuck on the day 25 i’ve finally found the solution : u have to build every buildings in your build tab which means u need to build a house , a decoration , a production building and so on :))) i found it accidentally when i was increasing my people’s happiness

  • Bgejl

    Also stuck on day 25…..

  • Kiara

    I’m also stuck at 25day build a building of every times building , i’ve built all but the counter still shows 2 :/ . Any ideas what to do ?

  • kim

    25 day build a building of every times 7 what’s that

    • Marisel Zaurov Orcutt

      I am also stuck on number 25. built every building that didn’t need diamonds. it only counted2 out of 7

  • Emac

    The holiday quest. I motivated and polished buildings but do not get credit for them. The counter on Frosty is at zero?

  • Will

    I am stuck after completing quest two…polish or motivate 12 buildings. I Completed that quest and nothing else is showing up. Anyone know whats going on?

    • RK

      There is only one quest per day. That was the second available quest, and that is only the second day. Just wait until just after midnight for the next one (you may need to refresh to get the quest to show up).

  • question?

    I still don’t understand how to “make people enthusiastic”. I built both a new cultural building and a decoration from my age but still no success. Any hints please?

    • This is done by providing additional happiness at 120%, instead of just meeting the 100% needed happiness. Hover over the face at the top to see stats.

    • RK

      You can also try asking your friends, guildmates, neighbors etc to polish some of your cultural buildings if it’ll boost your happiness to enthusiastic status. (try asking in the global chat if you don’t have a guild or any friends to help you yet)

  • Rob

    I love these events in Forge of Empires so much and enjoyed the winter event in 2013. I’m glad it’s back.