Fallout 4 news at Game Awards Vs E3 2015

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 1, 2014

Now that we have moved into December 2014, it seems some gamer attention has turned towards Fallout 4 news with the hope that The Game Awards will finally bring an announcement. There’s different reasons why certain gamers think this could happen, and one of them would be due to the fact that Spike’s annual Video Game Awards back in 2010 revealed Skyrim.

If Bethesda like this point of the year for game announcements more than June/July, then there’s a good chance of hearing about Fallout 4 at The Game Awards taking place this week. Of course, there are those that see E3 2015 being the only option for Fallout 4 news in June next year.

Fallout 4 announcement prolonged

The latest expectation for timing seemed to hint at E3 2015, so meaning a number of Product Reviews readers might be disappointed this week. The debate around this possibility always leads back to when Skyrim was first announced in Los Angeles, although this was 4 years ago now, and a lot has changed within the video game industry.


Game Awards Vs E3 2015 – are you expecting to see Fallout 4 news with an announcement nearly at the 4 year mark, since Skyrim’s first details? Or, do you feel the timing is just wrong right now and Bethesda would opt for E3 2015, or even wait until December next year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


While we are on the topic of The Game Awards, did you hear about the free tickets from Keighley? Did you get lucky? You can also see some tweets above, which come from those debating the chance of Fallout 4 news this week.

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  • Aeterna_Umbra

    It won’t be at E3. Bethesda are big now and are an intelligent enough of a company to realise that if they announce is away from the big conventions all attention will be on them. Bethesda were in talks with the person hosting VGX. They also filed the trademark for Pip Boy again last month. Something’s happening. It’s more than just a hunch based on it happening before. And if nothing does happen at VGX, they won’t be announcing it at a big event like E3; they even said that themselves.

    • Jizm

      Honestly, by now they should know regardless of where they show it it will be the biggest event. Even them teasing the title and having Ron Perlman say, “War, war never changes” would get the crowd to fuckin’ riot all within 12 seconds.

  • Lewis

    I really hope we hear about Famous 4 at the game awards, we have waited long enough. I would hate it to be December 2015.