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Expected Samsung Z1 price and release date in India

The first low-price Tizen smartphone from Samsung is set to be released in India this month and its expected release date and price has been narrowed down. We expect to see this smartphone around December 10th at a price that works out to be less than $100. The big question is, will it be well-received with consumers?

Samsung has dominated in key areas around the world, and while it is suffering with smartphone sales of late, we can understand just why they want a big push in the budget phone market in India, which seems to be a good move. We have to wonder how they get away with calling a handset the same as Sony?

Expected Samsung Z1 price

A recent report on Reuters does make a note of how Samsung could be getting desperate by offering a smartphone at such low price, but if they want Tizen to become a big player, then sacrifices have to be made. However, we have to wonder just how long they can keep it at this price, and what consumers in India will think if a price increase happened? Whatever happens, it will be an interesting build-up to Christmas.

Samsung Tizen Z1 specs are rather average, although this is to be expected. You get a 4-inch 800×480 WVGA screen with a 1.2 GHz processor but we do not know how much system memory it has. However, we do know it sports dual-SIM, GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi and an FM Radio.

A phone with these sort of specs and price tag are nothing new to consumers in India, so the question is, what will they make of Tizen?



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