Clash of Clans Christmas 2014 update excitement

By Alan Ng - Dec 1, 2014

Clash of Clans players are starting to get excited about what new content is going to arrive in the game with regards to the highly anticipated Clash of Clans Christmas 2014 update.

Just minutes ago on Monday December 1, we noticed that the game has just gone down suddenly. Our immediate reaction to this was if Supercell were planning to surprise gamers with the Christmas update early.

However, our emotions obviously got the better of us as we have since found out that Clash of Clans is down for routine maintenance only – once again.


The Tweet from Supercell minutes ago confirms this, as they are upgrading their servers as we speak – hopefully in preparation for Christmas. We imagine that Supercell will have to lay the groundwork for their next massive update, so minor maintenance breaks like this one we see today is probably doing the underground work in preparation for Christmas – you just don’t realize it.

As we all wait for the Clash of Clash servers to go back up, let us know your expectations of the Christmas update, compared to last year. What would you love to see this time around?

Is Clash of Clans still the number one app that is taking all of your time at the moment?

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  • aEvilCandyBar

    I believe if your allowing people to get the drills earlier in the game then you should allow a free upgrade to the drills people already have. Also another single player mode but for dark elixer would be epic! It’s agreeable with adding more positions inside the clan, chat features, searching for people by name and always new troops 😉 Amazing game and keep the new stuff coming!

  • Conviction

    TWO major updates that need to be done.
    1) The clan leader should be able to take our clan castle troops from anyone war castle during prep day. This is a must because there are so many times where someone cannot get on to remove someone’s mess up of putting bad troops in.
    2) There needs to be more ranks in a clan rather than just elder, co-leader and leader. The ranking system needs to be improved if you want to have efficient running clans. These are updates that will almost not affect the players individual game at all.

    – Join the Old Souls

    50+war stars 50+level and max town hall 6+

  • coc 4 life

    I fully agree with the chat feature. I hate when i have to discuss players performances and if we should keep / kick in the general chat.

    I think linking sister / feeder clans would be awesome.

    Trial runs on clan members for attacks with no troops expended and no loot gained sounds like a good idea.

  • Sammaz

    Mandatory: I would like to see a clan chat with cod and leader. Also send elixir and gold. Obviously only like 5k of each a day then lvl 2 like 20-40 lvl 3 30-50k and a little dark elixar then lvl 4 50-60 and like 150 dark elixar and so on.
    This next part I am fine with seeing or not seeing:
    the leader can also make a chat with just elder. Or elder and cos. also different positions between member and elder and elder and co. We need a coish thing where u just can’t start war or edit description but… U can kick as many and give advice and send mail. Also in between elder and member we need it so u know they r trusted just not fully ready for elder. Also have like a recruiter position where u can invite but not kick.

  • Gregor

    Please if u do ever read this make a thing when u can search people by names like a clan search and can we can donate spells and elixir

    • Bruh

      That is a fine suggestion!

  • Gab

    Please Add a Clan War Request. Its like Local war with other friend’s clan.

  • Midou

    As we saw in the last update there was a new clan search feature and what i think is that they will make a player search feature or a free 1 gem boost or maybe a new dark troop or spells and resource donating…
    And.. were waiting.

  • Melissa

    ADD TH 11

    • Nima Kian

      no th 11!

    • Bruh

      make the walls be in the same color scheme as town hall 10

  • sid

    join my clan i created a new one so please join guys #9gug229q

  • Clan clasher

    I think you should be able to send spells and gold and elixar

    • AllDay206

      I highly doubt they’ll do gold and elixir but the spells would be nice.