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Aggressive Philips Spotify SW700M, SW750M pricing targets Sonos

There are several wireless and Bluetooth speaker makers out there that compete with each other, but Sonos has always been one of the better ones, although they have some new competition to look out for. Philips has decided it wants to get in on the Sonos action and as a result has released two models, the SW700M and SW750M.

You are able to group both these models together so you can listen to the same music in different rooms, which is ideal if you are holding a party and don’t wish the music to be unbearable in one room so others can here it in another room.

The standout feature of the Philips Spotify SW700M and SW750M wireless speakers is the aggressive pricing, which is clearly to target Sonos. However, this does come at a price because these speakers do have their limitations.

Philips Spotify SW700M and SW750M

One of the issues with these models is the maximum number of speakers you can have synced with each other at once, which is just four units. Compare this to Sonos with up to 32 speakers and you can see what makes that brand so popular with people.

So how much are they? The Philips Spotify SW700M costs £89.99 in the UK and the SW750M just £129.99, as it has more to offer by way of sound quality and power. You can find more details on these two speakers by heading over to



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