Samsung stagnant with Cyber Monday 2014 TV sales

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 30, 2014

There has been criticism over Samsung’s Cyber Monday 2014 TV sales that basically haven’t changed since Thanksgiving, or Black Friday. While Samsung still offer some of the best deals on 4K and LED HDTVs over Cyber Monday, they are claimed to be stagnant by many consumers wanting something different for the biggest online shopping day after Black Friday.

Just adding something fresh would make shoppers feel like they are getting a good deal, or at least something that wasn’t available last week. This isn’t the case and one Product Reviews reader said, “I’m loving the big screen Samsung TVs being discounted during these holiday sales, but where are the new deals for Cyber Monday? They are not the only brand getting lazy by not offering new products on offer for Cyber Monday”.

Samsung stagnant Cyber Monday 2014 TV sales

If you head to you can click TVs on the left, which then reveals 4 pages of deals for a range of TV sizes. These include smaller 24-inch LED Smart TVs, mid-range 40-inch HD TVs and UHD 4K TVs, or at the higher end something much bigger like the 85-inch 4K UHD HU8550 Smart TV with a $3,000 discount. There’s also a 55-inch version of this 4K model as well.

Unless something changes in the next few hours, Samsung will keep the “Black Friday All Week Long” message on their deals page. Would you prefer Samsung to offer up some new Cyber Monday TV sales for 2014, or are you happy with the current offering?

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  • Justin Dirak

    Amazon is the king, hurry up and get their best deals before they expire,
    cybermondayfox. com hand picked some of the best currently available.

  • Kerry

    The deals are good at that page, but we all like something different to sales we’ve already seen. Come on Samsung, give us some Cyber Monday TVs please.

  • Sue

    I think Samsung should freshen up their deals page, the author is right, this is a bit lazy.