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iOS 8.1.2 release necessity ahead of 8.2 update

One would presume that iOS 8.1.2 update would be released before 8.2, as that latter version will not be made available until early 2015. We can understand why there would be demand for another update seeing as though 8.1 still never resolved some of the issues it was meant to.

That being said, some new problems came to light as well, which is why iPad and iPhone users are screaming out for a sooner rather than later iOS 8.1.2 release date. None of us here at Product-Reviews have any issues since the most recent update, but we know there are many of you out there with your own problems, and they have been very vocal on the forums.

We have come across an intriguing article on Phones Review that looks over some of the complaints received by its readers, although this is something we have had from our readers as well. The most talked about topic is WiFi once again because the latest update had meant to resolves the wireless issues, yet it’s still an issue for some of you.

iOS 8.1.2 release necessity

Having said that, some of you are also having Bluetooth, battery drain and lag issues, with the iPad 2 still being unusable for many of the older tablet owners.

Phones Review has asked that Apple release iOS 8.1.2 sooner rather than later seeing as though the current iOS 8.2. beta does not contain any such fixes because it is more for Watchkit support, and so this will not be released until early next year.

Apple has not had a good time of late with its software releases because OX X 10.10 Yosemite also came out of the starting blocks with multiple issues. We just want to know what is taking them so longer to iron out all of these bugs?

Do you think Apple will rush out iOS 8.1.2 rather than wait for version 8.2?



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