Hisense 40-inch Smart LED HDTV Apps list with manual

By Alan Ng - Nov 30, 2014

If you are looking for the best Cyber Monday LED TV this year, we have a great recommendation for you. Walmart has just dropped their price on the popular Hisense 40″ Class Smart LED HDTV and we can bring you some Hisense 40H5 reviews for you to read, giving you a perfect heads-up for those that are thinking of a purchase.

This is another budget television for you to consider, although this one comes from a recognised brand with Hisense who are now being featured by Walmart.

For under $400, you can now get the Hisense 40H5 with specs such as Full 1080p HD resolution, a 60Hz refresh rate, Smart TV capabilities and built-in WiFi.

The Smart TV functions will allow you to watch a whole selection of apps. YouTube, Netflix and Vudu are the three main that have been advertised but we can bring you a detailed list of what else is supported.


We’ve located the Hisense 40H5 manual and it confirms the following apps are also included on this model: Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, PrimeTime, SugarSync, Vimeo, Picasa, Pandora, AirBridge, Merlin and even an Opera web browser app.

We can also confirm that DLNA is supported on his model as well, meaning that you can play your media files straight from your PC to the TV, which is always extremely handy when it comes to watching movies and listening to music collections.

Truth be told it’s a great TV if you decide to purchase it. Make sure you check out some Hisense 40″ Class Smart LED HDTV reviews here and see what everyone else is saying about this TV.

Are you tempted to buy this Hisense 40H5 40″ 1080p 60Hz Smart HDTV during the Cyber Monday TV sales? Alternatively, feel free to suggest a similar TV under $400 which you think has a better feature list than this model.

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  • Woadie joeness

    i wouldn’t recommend this t.v. The App Store is very weak and barley has any real apps on it, Its honestly a ripoff, the t.v cant even screen mirror becase the app store has no apps that support it… The thing that ruins this t.v is the App Store honestly, i wouldn’t get it at all, just wait a little and save up for a real smart t.v

  • Romina Vior

    i wanna know if that tv can surf in internet like any pages with movies online??

  • Peter J. Kraus

    Great smart tv with a super clear and bright picture. We’ve had this model for over a year ($219.99 plus $5 shipping on Woot: same price today, 11.18.2015) and love it. Never a problem, Opera works fine to get on the net, we watch a lot of German TV (in Arkansas, imagine!) and receive all the European channels without a problem. In fact, we just dropped cable and use our Hisense, alternatively our iPads with AirPlay, running on the television and get everything in wonderful quality. Can’t say enough about this television and the Chinese company that makes it (and, no, none of us work for them — we’re retired, I’m an ex-FM rock jock)