Games with Gold live on Xbox One for December

We have some good news to report for Xbox One owners now. Last week we confirmed to you that the free Games with Gold December game on Xbox One would be Worms Battleground. It’s just turned December 1 in some countries and Worms Battleground is already available to download right now.

It’s still November 30 in America and we were not expecting to be able to get Worms until Monday morning Pacific Time on December 1 at the very earliest.

However, there may be a nice surprise in store for you with Worms Battleground going live early for some. We’ve seen confirmation that gamers are already downloading the fun arcade title from the Xbox Live Marketplace.


There was some obvious disappointment when Microsoft confirmed the December game considering that Sony are offering a full retail game with Injustice Gods Among Us.

However when you actually play Worms Battleground, we think you will soon change your mind as it really is great fun with friends.

Head to the Marketplace now and check to see if Worms Battleground is free for you right now.

Are you downloading it and actually are very happy with the December update?



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