Destiny new update confirmed today for Dec 1

By Alan Ng - Dec 1, 2014

We have an important heads-up for Destiny players now, as Bungie has sent out a warning that Destiny servers will be down on Monday. However, the reasons for this are positive as we can confirm that a new Destiny update today, possibly Destiny patch 1.06, will be on the way for players.

It has been a while since we last had a major update for Destiny, but in just a few hours the Destiny update for December 1 will be live.

Head to the bungie website here and you will be able to see the warning which confirms that players will be pushed to the main menu of the game once the update has gone live.


After that, players will need to log in to Destiny again before they can start playing with the new features. We’ve heard some whispers that Bungie will be deploying the Destiny 1.06 patch, but we are more inclined to believe it will be the Destiny 1.0.4 update since 1.0.3 was the previous major update for the game.

Either way, it is going to be an exciting wait for fans with Bungie giving players a heads-up on a new update that is coming. Let us know what you hope to see in the update. Are you a happy Destiny player at the moment?


Update: Patch 1.1 is now live and we have included a screenshot of it install above, although you might need to restart and close the Destiny app on your console.

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  • tropolite

    So where do you sell your materials now? The Quartermasters only allow you to buy materials from them now instead of you selling to them?

  • guest

    constant disconnects since the new patch destiny server seems very slow, all 6 got kicked from raid players freezing and other strange things have happened hopefully this isn’t long term ..

  • guest

    Just started playing again almost forgot how fun the game is cant wait till 12/9

  • Mike hunt

    Yes I believe so

  • Dave

    Will the exotics buff be included in this update???

    • Dz

      Yup, go to the Bungie app and look at the notes. Thorn got a huge buff, finally. So did a ton of others. Fixes to the raid as well and best thing is you can now use Vanguard and Crucible marks to buy materials for upgrades!

  • John R. Howard

    Hard mode in VoG was glitchy …Bad, Bad glitchy… unplayable….for 2 days.

  • StrongIsland

    Totally happy with the game 300+ hours played never had one single disconnect. Game is awesome.

    • Icatchliars

      Yea no way in hell you put 300 hours in and NO disconnects…I bet you ANYTHING this is a lie…

    • Gilmar Oliveira

      Oh you, stahp!

  • Killingfetish

    Not happy at the moment. Since patch 1.0.3 I’ve had constant disconnects. No problems prior. Here’s hoping today’s update solves my issues. I already purchased the expansion so Id like to be able to play it and stay connected.