Destiny Banjo, Weasel server error fix hunted

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 30, 2014

There’s still mystery surrounding problems being experienced by some with Destiny servers regularly unavailable each day, or with certain error codes like Weasel and Banjo. These gamers are hunting a fix for these errors and Down today is one website revealing hundreds of comments in regard to these issues.

The feedback left on this status feedback website reveal problems on PS4 and PS3 just a few hours ago. Complaints have included not being able to connect to Destiny servers, another said “servers are down” just moments ago, and even being “disconnected at least 6 times” in the past half an hour.

Destiny server error fix hunted

In regard to the error codes, another player explained they had been “disconnected with code weasel around 10 times in just a few hours”. This isn’t the only code being seen, as others note they “keep getting banjo for two days”.

Two forum pages that might help some of Product Reviews readers include details on how to fix “all Destiny error codes“, and this official Bungie page. Between these pages you will learn more about BEE, FLY, and LION error codes. Also, you will see details on Pear, Cat, Urchin, Marionberry, and other errors that can surface for this game.

Have you been getting any Destiny error codes pop up and if so, do you still need a fix? Leave comments below with the name of the error and any other details in regard to when it takes place.

We have been tipped that a new update is just hours away, so this is another chance for the above issues to be fixed.

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  • RoboNemesis

    Since 13th August, 2015, I receive the Error Code: weasel after approximately 5 minutes of game-time, no matter what mode of play I select. I have forwarded the relevant ports and I have a Nat type of 2. I have a level 26 Warlock, a level 28 Titan and a level 22 Hunter. I am now unable to play any of these Guardians, due to the error. All aspects of my Network are completely fine and I have no issues whatsoedver with C.O.D. Advanced Warfare.
    PSN: RoboNemesis

  • rhrrs2

    Weasel error at least 12 times in the last 3 hours.

  • T3D

    Weasel for the past week! Can’t even patrol for more then 10 minutes.
    Xbox one

  • Tweakor_

    Banjo in w53ht! 1 day can’t get on

  • Rainbow

    Banjo, for three days now!!! D:

  • Seth Perry

    Banjo!!! I still can’t play it’s been doing this since Sunday night!!! I’m pissed

  • SoraX25

    Yes many error codes. Vulture, weasel, and others since 3am last night. Cant even access the destiny app sometimes. Help?