COD: Advanced Warfare freezing requiring Dec update

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 30, 2014

The Call of Duty Advanced Warfare freezing issue might be history with a few PS3, PS4, and Xbox One owners, but this is certainly not the case for those crying out for an update in December to fix just this problem. Not only were we one of the first websites to break news on this very issue, but COD Advanced Warfare is still freezing even after our article in regard to a fix.

It’s not just a small problem for thousands of gamers, but in fact we have seen hundreds of complaints landing everyday on Twitter. One of these messages asked this just a few minutes ago, “when does the new update comes out on COD Advanced Warfare, because my PS3 is freezing?”. Another added, “My advanced warfare keeps freezing and it seems like it’s for no reason. Also, it isn’t the disc as I checked this”.


These gamers aren’t alone and reveal just a taste of social discussion surrounding glitches with COD Advanced Warfare, which include freezing up, crashing, guns missing with empty hands in multiplayer, and other problems that will require an update in Dec to fix.


One Product Reviews reader had this to say, “Has anyone made progress on the PS3 freezing issue in Advanced Warfare? The lag, freezing, and spawn system needs fixing as soon as possible”. It also seems that the issues can happen at any moment, even mid-game, and many of these players are still loving the latest Call of Duty game, but wish the freezing would be patched.

Are you still experiencing freezing up issues in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and if so, is this the only problem that needs fixing within the December update? Remember to name the platform you’re playing on if you have issues, as there could be a pattern revealed.

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  • Chuck Carter

    1/15/16 we are having the same issue on our XBOX One. Played fine until today. Started freezing up right after the cut scene where the general is killed. It is completely unplayable now. I paid 50.00 for a game that i can’t finish. Freezes every 10-30 seconds. Have not tried multiplayer yet. I wanted to finish the campaign before i attempted multiplayer. I buy games for the campaigns not multiplayer. i personally don’t play much multiplayer.

  • Maggie

    Mine keeps freezong in team death match! And it is terrible! It does it randomly than kicks me out of the game all well making a terrible noise! Is this what’s happening to everyone else? ???

  • Anthony Garcia

    Well, it also freezes in Team Death Match…this sucks…

    • Maggie

      Does your make a really weird anoying noise?

      • Anthony Garcia

        Sorry for being so late with this responce, i just notice i had a message.
        but yes, it freezes with a loud buzzing sound or just after a great match.
        i’ll know its about to freeze when the sound stutters or cuts out ever so slightly. i really miss AV Wf.
        ive done everything that the forums suggest, like uninstall game data, also install a ton of demos as one of my HD sectors are bad, but nothing seems to fix this.

        this is the only game to do this , i can play all other cod title. even games like farcry 3, gtaiv play just fine. all this started after the updates…
        I hope they fix this, im starting to think its done on purpose so players that love the game either get a ps4 or xbox 1….

  • Anthony Garcia

    Same here ps3 freeze when playing Advanced Warfare Domination, last night played team death match all night with no problem…

  • Jared Caudel

    I have the same problem my PS3 keeps freezing in mid gameplay also if it does freeze, the came will send me back to the multiplayer me ur where it says errorimage38? Don’t know what’s happening?

  • bryan

    This is the worst cod experience ever i havent been able to play this game correctly after its first months release. The game freezes everytime i try 2 play it and i spent a lot of money on this game and i think not only i but every1 deserves an explanation of the problem, an apology and something free for all the troubles. I play on the 360 was going 2 get an xbox 1 and this game, but i doubt it now. Please fix the issue as quickly as possible thank u!

  • Anne Studley

    I’m on my third freeze and it’s noon

  • Anne Studley

    It’s freezes mid game everytime I go online. Xbox360. Was fine for a while but recently started. Only with this game nothing else on my xbox disc is fine. MisZNightmare

  • Brian Benjamin

    Mine keeps freezing on Xbox 360 ever since the
    Latest update when the new my irons gun came out

    • bob

      ya mine to

  • bub77

    Mine played fine for 2 months.I started playing ops 2 for a while then back to advanced warfare now it freezes as soon as i hit start..ps3 version…pay hard earned money for the games and dlc then cant play it..pretty fucked up..i was about to get the newest dlc but i think ill pass on it now.

  • nate

    Ps4… I’m freezing once per round of domination! Tech support said its a Sony issue, Sony says it’s fine haha.. Xbox 1 any better?

  • tony

    Game keeps freezing, 3 years to make this game? You serious? Get it fixed or you’ll not have any buyers or players for the up and coming future. Absolute joke

  • brian

    Froze 6 times today for fucks sake

  • Pat

    Ps4 freezes maybe minimum 3 times a day.
    Never froze before the camo dlc packs.
    Please for the love of God fix this

  • Ray Blaze

    I got the same problem, its the best game ever, but it crashes my ps3 so bad that i cant turn it off with the controller, i got to hold the power button on the ps3 to turn off.

  • Jake

    yes I downloaded Call of Duty advance warfare after it came out like two months later I don’t have the disk I downloaded it from PSN it is still freezing it froze on me like 15 times within a day please help I’m about to break my ps3 any help would be very much appreciated you can contact me at thank you

  • Dave

    Updated mine the other day. It is still freezing. Are they going to fix it or what?????

  • JagiMonster

    Still freezing. Digital download. I even reformatted my ps3 and right now ONLY have advanced warfare downloaded. Its THE ONLY game on the hard drive.

  • Jenit

    We just got the game yesterday and we have the xbox 360. We have current downloads and it freezes. Now that we opened it we cant get our money back. This has me very upset and I want to know where I go to complain.

  • xxxxx

    Still freezes after the patch.. Heck! what a waste, i should have bought the battlefield 4 premium…

  • aqib

    my cod AW online games freeze before they even finish loading!!! keeps happening for ages and i cant play with friends either, and when the game does load it suddenly freezes when the game starts. Fix this soon its doing my nut in!!!!!!

    • aqib

      on xbox 360

  • PWNYluv

    So many lags so many HackerBot. I want dedicated server.

  • Craig

    Happens to me on the ps4 all the time. It’s ridiculous.

  • adam

    Keeps freezing at any point on a ps3… Pretty let down to be honest.npt had any other COD game do this

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    I noticed with certain people I shoot at on multiplayer my gun freezes like with the Bal or any you shoot the gun stops then shoots but the other enemies gun keeps on fire and you are dead. Another thing the aiming goes to the side like it won’t let you aim I am suspicious of people hacking. I deal with it so much I don’t want to play advanced warfare anymore. I have it on ps4 I am about to say fk it and go to battlefield or just continue playing black ops 2 on ps3.

  • Mike W

    Freezing post match. PS3 digital download. Happens to me 1 out of 4 matches.

  • weirdo247

    Freezing when game is over and I’m just in the lobby or checking my load outs I have the digital download for ps3

  • Ya bags

    Xbox 360 just randomly freezes only on advanced ware any body got the same problem “?

    • ZombieBomber000

      Ps3 has the same problem, though it froze on me playing portal 2 earlier today.

    • MickG

      Yes I’ve had the same problem for the last few days

  • Roger Evans

    Ps4 COD AW frezzes just after I shoot an enemy, anyone else having the same problem?

  • Jack

    Playing on PC, system is on average 125% of recommend hardware and I can’t play campaign or multiplayer for more than 2 minutes without it freezing up with me. This is hardware several steps above consoles too. just shouldn’t happen

  • spanchan

    I am playing ps4 version. I can play campaign fine, but multiplayer and exo co-op freeze the game the moment I select. Everything fully updated. Infuriating.

  • Mad Jester

    Mine keeps freezing up in multiplayer mode and guns are missing from hands at spawning I have a PS3 I`m thinking of selling Advance warfare if it doesn’t get fixed

    • jon ps3

      Same here… Ive had the game for about 2 weeks and I’ve only got about 1 good hour (not freezing)of gameplay.. It usually freezes about ten minutes in.. Sometimes not even that.. Its driving Me crazy.. I’ve tried clearing my data utility TWICE!! And its still freezing!! I’m shitty because I traded in my MW3 & BO2 to get it.. SMH.. I hope to see this fixed soon.. They’re loosing costumers by the day!!!

  • TJ

    Mine keeps freezing when want to play Eco survival. I’m on Xbox 360,

  • ryan1309

    I’m having the same problem with my Xbox one aw. Wasnt freezing at all this morning when I was playing. Stopped to play something else for a while and once I got back on Advanced Warfare the freezing started, mainly when I try to play multiplayer…just got the game 3 days ago so I know it’s not the disc. Please fix this .

  • Dylon wheeldon

    I updated and it did nothing infact it made it worse i get to the screen where it says press x on ps4 and it stops there can anyone help me

  • Thai

    I got the game on Christmas and I may return it just because I have tried to play it and can’t I have only played like 2 full games and now the game don’t only freeze in game but now I can’t even play single player because when I press x (PlayStation 4) it just freezes then and it just keeps happening, its not the disc I’ve checked and I ONLY GOT THE GAME YESTERDAY FIX THIS!!!

    • Jordan

      YES! THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME! I have only play like 3 games, then I tryied to load it up but it froze when I clicked multiplayer it froze, now it freezes when it says ‘Press x To start’ Let me know if yours is fixed!

      • Thai

        Will do hopefully I find a solution soon, also same for you if you find a solution tell me, thanks =)

  • -=;Dark Rain;=-

    PS4 CoD AW, 12/25//14 – PS4 froze during mid-game. After waiting 10 minutes I unplugged the system and rebooted. No more problems the rest of the day.

    12/26/14 – PS4 froze when selecting Multiplayer. After 8 minutes it unfroze and the Multiplayer Menu came up. Selected Play Online and error message states, “The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare service is not available at this time. Please try again later.”

  • adam

    Ps4 cod aw, 12-25-14. Loads up, and as I go to click on split screen play, online is still down, it freezes. Not sure if this is in any relation to the network being hacked. You would think it is, but why would it freeze as I’m trying to set up a local bot game mode with my brother next to me? Anybody got an idea?

    • Bantre

      got this problem aswell

  • cju

    On ps4 it won’t even let me load the multiplayer/survival…

    • Bantre

      exactly whats happened to me, campaign works fine -_-

  • Skyler Schvaneveldt

    On PS4 I still get multiple game freezing and crashing when playing split-screen with my wife. Most of the time it is during the loading of a new match and the error is something like “exceeded 3680 xassets”, which is different than it was before this patch. But also, at least a once every 2 hours or so, the game will just freeze mid match and require the app to be reset. This is only while split-screening. Solo play, freezing for me, is very rare.

  • Tricky_m

    on xbox 360 first started freezing on exo survival local play, now started twice in the space of 5 minutes on multiplayer online

  • Ga

    12.21.14 Xbox 360 freezes every time I try to play in loading screen

    • Tom

      that’s what mie is doing. I haven’t even been able to play the game. My son has a 360 upstairs and it plays just fine.

  • David Escobar

    Post 12.18.14 update my PS4 AW is freezing. It never froze prior to update. Online multiplayer froze once, restarted console, then froze again.

  • Rims

    in 1 hour now the ps3 has frezzed 4 times. 🙁

  • formerCODfan

    My ps3 keeps freezing. resorting to NES style tactics and rituals hoping for a pay off of my game not freezing and ruining my system…

  • Nothing_But_RAGE

    I’m on PS3. The freezing doesn’t happen as soon I get on. It takes about 2 hours. But once it starts, it doesn’t stop. It starts happening ever 15-25 mins.

  • It happens to me on ps4 about once every few days. The spawning directly in front of an enemy who is either looking at you or your back is annoying I’d rather the game forced us to wait a couple seconds until a safe spawn becomes available. I was just playing Dom and was 4-0. Then I got killed, spawned twice directly in front of an enemy who shot me in the back before I could move a second step, and the next time I spawned I was 4-3. Bad spawns like that aren’t that regular but they should never happen. The game should place you somewhere where there are no enemies.

    • redninja199

      I can’t even get into an online match I can’t sign in even after Sony got rid of the hackers plz fix this

      • Tell them on their twitter account if you’re still having probs. they just tweeted that they want anyone who’s having problems to let them know.

  • Garlic Dohnut

    (Xbox 360) Every time I go on advance warfare online it freezes, it seems that everytime I get into a game it freezes. This has been going on for about a week now and is really annoying. All you have to do is send a patch and all these complaints can be compliments. Thanks!

  • ZombieBomber000

    Sledgehammer, get the fingers out, and fix the stupid game. I work on the freaking MK14 Camo challenges (which are hard as heck) and every time I hit a milestone of 40-60 headshots and/or longshots, it freezes, I lose the progress, have to do it again, do it again, AND HAVE THE SAME FREAKING THING HAPPENS AGAIN! I could barely play the last clan war because this stupid thing kept freezing after every single last game. When this is all freaking done and fixed, we ALL better get something good… whether it be xp, guns, camos, or here’s an idea… FREE DLC CRAP LIKE ZOMBIES THAT SHOULD ALREADY BE FREE!!!! Get to work Sledgehammer, your faults are only resulting in more crap from your “fan” base.

  • Cloudywolf676

    PS3, me and my wife play together on same screen and same system and as soon as one of us gets killed it freezes up with no hope of resuming. Waiting on an update to fix this error, we’ve resorted to playing Black Ops 2 because Ghosts sucks and the only other good one before Ghosts was BO2. Hurry up with the patching! We really love AW and hate the freezing!!!

  • meekkss

    Xbox 360. It was all good until the update yesterday my game continues to keep freezing I thought they fixed it but I guess not after the update yesterday at my game freezes everytime in the middle of one match then I have to reboot my console and start over the process and I’m really getting ready to trade this game in because if I can’t even play it then what’s the point of having it like come on now please fix it soon

  • gottakenagain

    Ps3, brought digital with season pass, what a letdown. Another $100 down the drain, after mid-November patch, nothing but freezing, lag and crashing every other game. All this hard restarting can’t be good for my console. 50down/50up I’m beginning to think they can’t fix this issue and are just trying to pass the blame. Sad, sad day when corporations are able to sell us a product that clearly doesn’t work and we as consumers are not able to do anything about it, just sad.

  • odelange

    It’s still freezing and the invisible guns are doing my head in what’s up with it ?

  • candee

    in exo co-op i have made it to round 60 three times now which takes a few hours and then every player lags out. Another disappointing COD game 🙁 Creators should be ashamed for letting this go on the market in such rough shape. Lesson learned… no more COD games for me!

  • djrythmn

    yeah my ps3 freeze after i play one match. have too reboot and repeat. almost ready to trade it in

  • Tsaki

    My PS3 also freezes but only between matches as I wait in the lobby. This is really frustrating as I was experiencing these freezes since the launch of the game one month ago and it still isn’t fixed.

  • Sam

    i’M the same, game freezes then nothing, one unhappy gamer ready to lunch it out of the window…….

  • Ray

    This sucks my game freezes every other match! Cant even upgrade my guns cause i cant get my kills to count

  • Carla

    PS3, digital copy, so NOT the disc! I’ve stopped playing, three nights ago, froze on six games straight, losing all XP etc. It is ridiculous. Asked for help on twitter, told to uninstall, reinstall, did that, still won’t work. Told it’s my internet, fibre optic, over 50 upload, 20 download, how fast exactly does it need to be? Why can’t they just admit they screwed up!
    Also – am I the only one concerned what exactly this ‘unplugging’ is doing to my PS3? It can’t be good for it at all 🙁

  • Betty_glocker_66

    I have a PS3 in my Advanced warfare is still freezing

  • Ant5527

    My COD advanced warfare is still freezing even after the latest update . It’s when I okay online or spilt screen . What’s going on ..

  • justtroy

    Dec. 3, 2014 @ 7pm… PS3 still freezing almost every round online. Waiting for update, Sledgehammer!

  • garbage game

    Same crap here. It’s making want to throw the Damn game out the window. This is bs. Before I could at least get 30 mins of gaming before a freeze. Now I can’t even get through one match without having to reset my ps3. It’s not worth my time to get all the streaks then lose it all because I have to shut down due to freezing.

  • Athon

    It happens to me every time I play since last week.

  • skeeter2223

    Xbox one freezing just after map load screen multiplayer split screen. Can play maybe two full rounds before it happens, almost blows my surround sound its so loud.

  • seddysed

    I had the same freezing prob on ps3…I had to remove any special editions of weapons(ex. Hba3r average joe) sucks but it did actually work for me

  • SmokingSmiley

    Playing on PS3 and freezing in between games every other game making me forse-stop system. Not even trying any more cause dont wanna destroy my console.

  • Lucas Leandro Leite

    I play on Xbox 360 and this horrible rooms with much lag and bugs on maps

  • Damien Conklin

    PS3 freezes up on me every five games if im lucky plz fix

  • gnett5

    My only issue with the game is that the BAL dominates everygun i join lobbys 9 to 10 PLAYERS USEIN BAL plz nerf it mk the game more balance its not fair i shoot a guy 3 TIMES first n i still get out gun by that bal

  • Matt Behnken

    Xb1 aw no freezing issues ever. Multiplayer and exo survival no freezing issues.

  • givethemassesfreeseasonspasses

    Same junk bug on my PS3. This happens every multiplayer single and split-screen mid-game. I think free online passes for everyone is in order. There is no excuse for shoveling this out to the masses in this state. These developers know how to make multiplayer games.

  • Amanda Boyd

    I bought a digital download of AW on PS3, running a wired connection @ 17 mbps download speed, and freezing at least 2-3 times an hour. A few weeks back Activision Assist recommended unplugging PS3 for 5 mins and deleting game save data. Neither of these troubleshoots had any affect, because here I am in December still freezing up. Bummer, as I really enjoy the game.

  • Jason Antunez

    I’m on ps3 and every time I open a supply drop it freezes on my and I have to force restart my system this needs to be fix asap

  • seawolf3971

    yes i freeze every other game and i play on xbox one digital download version. honestly makes me sad 🙁

  • dkg56

    I can’t even find a match I tried every game mode and it just says finding best experience but all my friends are playing it works for exo survival but not multiplayer

  • Jtown1969

    Yeah same crap for my PS3. Freezes randomly buy usually at the end of my team death match. Good game but it’s really pissing me off. If a new fix doesn’t come out soon. It will be sold and I’ll switch to something else. Definitely glad I didn’t order the season pass like I usually do.

  • Pete

    Yes my xboxone freezes every 2 online games on average! It’s so frustrating all that money for a game which isn’t ready! What a rip off good game just ruined by the retailers greed to get it out quick at our expense!

  • Jonnyboy795

    I love the game don’t get me wrong. But yes it does freeze and lags a lot. During the daytime hours for some reason my PS3 will freeze maybe once or twice but at nighttime it freezes constantly about once every 2 games whether I’m in the middle of the game or right after. I hope they fix this since the game just has so much potential if it would run smoother.

  • OV3RK1LL

    I pre ordered and bought the season pass too almost seems to be a waist of my 100$

  • OV3RK1LL

    My PS3 freezes 10 -15 time a day trying to play advanced warfare sometimes back to back. This is the only game that does this

  • iowan_druid

    I have AW on PS3. I have the Day Zero Edition and have had freezing problems since day one. I am sick of this and am close to just saying the hell with this game!

  • dion

    I have call of duty: AW on XB1 and since yesterday evening my game freezes everytime I try to find a match in multiplayer.

  • June Bug

    Actually when its fixed they should push out some stuff for the frustrations of loyal customers

  • rob

    Really disappointed with Sledgehammer, to release an update that starts freezing and not fix it with another patch quickly is stupid, what a letdown.

  • Ben

    I would love to play advanced warfare more, but it freezes too much for me on the new PS3 slim. I hope the update in December fixes this issue.

  • Scott

    The script error crashing is stupid when playing Exo co-op, I saw this is other COD games before Advanced Warfare. Why is it happening on PS4?

  • Nath

    I am still wondering where this promised PS4 update went for Advanced Warfare, they posted about it on Sony’s website and it never released. 1.07 is was meant to be, but we are still on 1.06 for PS4.

  • Mike

    For me it is the crashing when playing Exo Survival, hate getting far after playing for more than an hour then getting a crash. I have friends that see freezing still on their PS3.