GTA V 1.19 on first December update prospect

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 29, 2014

We are now 3 days away from the first Grand Theft Auto V 1.19 update opportunity in December, although this year it would also mean a 1.05 patch for PS4 and Xbox One if this includes Online Heists DLC as well. While patches will vary in release on last and current generation consoles thanks to bug fixes, it’s clear Heists will come to all systems at the same time within the next major addition.

The next day in focus for any GTA V 1.19 update would be Tuesday, December 2nd. We have seen other days chosen like Thursday, but there’s still a clear pattern that has mostly focused on Tuesday, which is the next prospect in terms of next month.


Desire to see the GTA V 1.19 update in 3 days – there will be a couple of reasons Product Reviews readers would love this next game update next week, and for some it will be problems need fixing with a patch. Others, will really want to see the first opportunity in December taken advantage of for a new DLC that millions have been waiting for.

Rockstar confirmed the next “major” content update would feature Heists, so with this in-mind, it will be Heists coming with the next GTA Online update. Clues have already been revealed for Heist jobs, as we spoke about earlier, but will this long time coming content arrive in December for some fun over the holidays, or will we be left waiting until 2015 long after the games original release?

Knowing Heists is coming is one thing, but the disappointment voiced with seeing the 1.18 update lack any substance had certainly been made clear. How will you feel if the GTA V 1.19 update released next week without any content update, or even Heists? Personally, we find it hard to believe that the next PS3 and Xbox 360 update won’t include the long awaited heists.

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  • bree

    I updateded it because it wouldn’t let me sign online with out the update and I did and the game GOT WORSE. It keeps loading it doesn’t work anymore. Worst game ever on that part but the game is great if it didn’t have any problems or just minor problems -.-. My ps3 Id is RMFC_Piink add me if you can help me

  • tw

    Any word on story DLC?

    • regg

      Gonna be a few more weeks before we see any DLC

  • greg


  • nano

    I agree as well, they did good on story now get the online ppl going DLC! Heist!!! Tired of waiting and getting disappointed.

  • Jay

    I think Rockstar wasted a good opportunity to do good on the online mode. The missions played are getting boring, and we need more places open more options more freedom in online. Maybe new homes/apartments and clothing idk.

    • The Snitchfather

      Well new apartments n sh*t will probably get released for next gen version. Not current. And im transfering my sh*t. Theres no way i will ignore new stuff coming to gta o when i was the person whos been playing since day one.

      • Someone with a brain

        “THE” person playing since day one… that’s the dumbest statement I’ve ever heard. Guess who else has been playing Online since the day it was released. About 5 billion other players all over the world. Don’t try to make yourself sound so important, you just end up seeming like a moron.

        • The Snitchfather

          Haha 5 billion other people. If there are only around 7billion people, how come 5 billion of them are playing gta? F*cking fool. And dont be mad just because youre a mainstream gamer and im not….go cry at yourself for being a sheep. And 9 out of 10 people whonplay gta v, never played gta before….its just because its “cool” and thats probably the reason why you play it

        • Jay Weiss

          lmao @ “mainstream gamer”!! Watch out… he’s hardcore.

        • The Snitchfather

          Watch out we got a nazi over here

        • John Doe

          I agree with you on the 5 billion 7 billion BS cause only 32.5 million were sold. But the 9/10 never played gta before sounds stupid as hell lol. Idk how you came up with that.

        • The Snitchfather

          I came up with facts d*ckhead….spawn in a lobby and ask every single player if they have ever playes gta before, thats what i did, to see if it true.. and it was true. They say no this is my first gta, do that in a couple of lobbies and youll see 10 out of 48 people have played a previously gta. The rest are newcomers.

        • Jessy James

          You must play with little kids lol. Most people have played GTA3 till what we have now. Going into rooms and asking people isn’t really accurate enough. Try again.

        • The Snitchfather

          You try again loser, since gta 3 hahaha wow most people have been there since 3d gta haha what a joke.

        • Jimmy Jim James

          I’m pretty sure you’re the joke here 😉 I’m here laughing while you angrily type.

        • John Doe

          Oh and on your disqus account you make yourself look like a b***h complaining about every damn thing Lmfao. You need to smoke some weed and relax.

        • The Snitchfather

          Smoking is for losers who cant cope with life.

        • Johnny Cakes

          Tell Seth Rogan that lol
          You’re just a tool

  • Darren Mc Carthy

    what a pointless article

  • bren

    Gta 5 online is feeling neglected

  • jeff

    Some of you are talking like the next update is next week. Thus article is saying that it COULD happen. rockstar has spoiled us with DLC. After heists, I expect nothing else from rockstar. But that update could come tomorrow, it could come out 6 months from now. I wish they would come out with a gangster/thug life update. And open the casino!

    • Kingtut

      I think many more updates will come, you see the coming soon sign at the casino and they may have the cops update so we can have their cars, more jets and homes. Just patience for some folks.

  • Donald

    Really disappointed with Rockstar they could’ve done a lot more with this game, time for new online Contact Missions ffs, give us a reason to keep playing

  • The Snitchfather

    I bet we are getting nothing but sh*t once again….just like every other time that we waited for a dlc. Oh and let me guess, if heists does come out, we wont get ski masks and all that stuff either….its just typical rockstar.

  • nona

    nona kirkitadze

  • Kiefer Abram

    Two days before my 20th birthday too, YEAH HEISTS

  • Lewis

    When I downloaded 1.18, I thought at last heists, then it had nothing. If this happened next week with GTA V 1.19, then I will be very disappointed.

  • Billy

    I know my PS4 will keep getting bug updates, so Heists might not be next, but the PS3 and Xbox 360 will get Heists in their next update. It has been a long wait for them.

    • I sure as hell hope so.

      • jr1079

        If heist doesnt come out soon expect online gameplay for xbox 360 and ps 3 user to dramatically drop. I been waiting forever in a lifetime it seems if no heist some new missions and the casino will be great addition. But dont ypu there think rockstar that you did justice with that lam a$$ update 1.18. Ya’ll better have something up your sleeve/s please and soon. #gtavbored