Destiny Plan C Vs Pocket Infinity review

By Alan Ng - Apr 15, 2015

Hours ago we gave you a great heads-up on the capabilities of the Destiny Plan C Exotic Fusion Rifle, after it appeared in Xur’s new inventory this weekend. Now we can see how the Plan C Exotic gun compares to the other beastly fusion rifle in the game, with a Destiny Plan C Vs Pocket Infinity review.

The Pocket Infinity Exotic fusion rifle is considered to be one of the best weapons in the game, a claim that has also been matched by the Plan C though.

Both weapons have great stats and very good impact and reload attributes. If we were to pick a winner between the two though, we would have to choose the Plan C every time.


Now, we can give you a close look at both weapon’s stats, allowing you to make your own decision on which weapon you think is the better of the two.

The Plan C matches the Pocket Infinity in every aspect of stats, but offers even more with greater range stats and higher base damage output.

We’ve included a video review below which gives you a six minute overview analysis on the two weapons. Which one gets your vote? Let us know your thoughts on both below.

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  • PrimeCut

    Yeah this video is bad all around. The pocket infinity is the second best fusion rifle in destiny and the only full auto version. (besides the vex) Next time upgrade the weapons before you review them. When a gun is not upgraded it is a shell of the actual gun it will become.

  • DeviledDecision

    This is a ridiculously bad review because you don’t have the full auto upgrade leveled on the PI. When you make a video comparing weapons you need to actually know something about them. The PI when upgraded holds 5 shots not 3, and the slow charge rate does not matter on full auto because it fires all 5 shots consecutively with no recharge in between. This video has horrible sound quality, but your advice and comparisons are even worse.

  • Ajackson

    Can’t hear a word you’re saying in your review, you need to lower the volume of the destiny in-game sound effects!

  • Dhanvantari Nanni

    Good review. PI still offers something no other fusion rifle (or any weapon, for that matter) has though. Even post-nerf, nothing can match that full auto blast of death. A truly elite weapon, in that it unleashes unparalleled destruction but requires a skilled hand to wield effectively. I’ve learned to love that weapon’s shortcomings (horribly slow charge rate, limited magazine) because they add an extra challenge to using this weapon, but does not really affect its deadliness once you pass that learning curve.