Best Buy divulge 4K 240Hz TV sales for today

By Alan Ng - Nov 28, 2014

If you are looking for a new 4K TV to buy this month, now is definitely the time to go wild and indulge on something really nice. Best Buy are giving consumers the opportunity to buy 4K 240Hz TVs, with some unbelievable sales that could just tempt you into a purchase.

We have already talked about a new models in detail, but now we can see that Best Buy has compiled their very own list with a Best Buy 4K TV sale that is going on right now.

Some of the brands available with a huge discount include market leaders such as LG, but Best Buy are also taking the opportunity to convince you that VIZIO is a brand that shouldn’t be ignored either.

The most highlighted model that Best Buy are currently selling is the LG65UB9500, available for $2499.99 after an instant $1300 discount. Key features include a 65-inch 4K display that is also fully 3D supported and Smart supported.

LG also offer a Motion Clarity of 1500, while this TV will upscale standard content to a 4K resolution and convert normal signals into 3D as well, which you can then sit back and enjoy in LG Cinema 3D mode.


Next up is a 65-inch model from VIZIO, with the VIZIO P-Series P652UI-B2. However, this 4K Ultra HD TV is available for $1000 lower than the LG, with Best Buy offering it for $1499 after a $700 discount.

This one lacks 3D, but it does include VIZIO Clear Action 960, a 240Hz refresh rate and as many as 5 HDMI inputs – the LG model above only comes with 4.

Moving down the list, we can see that the cheapest 4K TV from Best Buy at the moment is the 55-inch VIZIO P552UI-B2. This is priced at $1299 and currently is Best Buy’s cheapest route to 4K Ultra HD programming.

Like VIZIO’s other premium models, you’ll get 240Hz natively with Clear Action 960, Smart TV functionality with a whole plethora of internet apps, 4K upscaling and built-in WiFi.

Best Buy has been very competitive this year and they may just have the lowest price on a 4K TV in the US – We welcome you to find us a better model in that regard.

The question is, have you been tempted enough to buy a 4K TV from Best Buy over the last few days? If so, let us know which model you went for from Best Buy’s list here and if you are are happy with your purchase.

Is 4K TV worth the hype?

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  • mike

    You’re just butthurt you dont have one. John fak. I didn’t know that was the case. I dont think any of my friends do either. So do you think it would sound good to me and all the others who didn’t know that if the site said it was 60 hz and people looked at them like they were dumb? No. It wouldn’t. So they wrote it the same way the stores advertise it so idk what you’re complaining about. Gosh people always have something to criticize.

    • John Fak

      You don’t seem to have any technical knowledge to add to this article, so I try to understand the point of your post. Did you bought some of these so called “240hz” TVs and now you feel the need to rationalize the money you’ve thrown away?


  • John Fak

    “240Hz refresh rate” stupid site failing to copy & paste tech data.Thus, you can not trust any of the data on this site anymore.

    Let me give you a dive into the weird land called technical data:
    There are no 240hz panels. Actually, there are not even 120hz TV panels. There are only TV 60hz panels. And every single one of the 3D ones are 60hz x 2 for 3D. That doesn’t mean they are 120hz. They are simply 60hz with double input. They don’t take 120hz input.
    The motion rate 1000 nonsense has to stop. Its really NOTHING. NOTHING.