Argos UK website down on Nov 28 with high volume

By Peter Chubb - Nov 28, 2014

The Argos UK website is down today, Nov 28 and has been on and off for the past hour or so, this is because they have been experiencing a larger than usual amount of traffic, but considering it is Black Friday 2014, this was always going to be a concern for servers.

Do not think Argos is alone, as Tesco keeps going down and Curry’s has you in a queue, as to not put too much demand on servers at once.

Argos down today

The message you are met with on the Argos website is “We’re currently experiencing a very high volume of visitors to our website”. However, they are also limiting the number of people that can get onto the site, and so you could be on there taking advantage of the deals, while other people cannot.

Argos apologizes for any inconvenience caused, but that does not help if you miss out on a bargain tablet or TV, speaking of which, we did try to get the Argos app to load and the TV pages and other products just cannot load, and so it is not limited to its website.

Have you been able to access the website?

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