Xbox One Master Chief Collection bundle best price

Earlier on we reminded you of the fantastic price that is available this weekend with the Assassin’s Creed Unity Xbox One bundle. Now though, we have discovered that the same is also going to apply with Halo The Master Chief Collection as well.

Walmart are really pulling out all of the stops this Holiday season, as they are going to be offering the Halo Master Chief Collection Xbox One bundle for just $329.

Remember that Microsoft only just announced a Xbox One US price cut to $349 during the Holiday season. Walmart are going one better though by offering the console for a lower price and with a new release.


As far as we’re aware, this bundle is also exclusive to Walmart, but isn’t sold online. This bundle is nowhere to be seen from the likes of Best Buy or Target so hurry to your nearest store whilst stocks last.

We have also heard whispers that buying this in store will get you a $30 Walmart gift card on top of your $329 purchase. If true, then that’s unbeatable value – let us know if you have seen these console bundles in your nearest store and if you managed to pick one up.



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