Tesco website down with service unavailable

By Alan Ng - Nov 27, 2014

Many shoppers in the UK were hoping to log into the Tesco website on Friday November 28 in order to take advantage of Tesco’s Black Friday 2014 sales. However, we can report that Tesco are having huge problems dealing with the influx of users and as a result, Tesco.com is down and not working at the time of writing.

This is hardly ideal when many consumers in the UK are specifically losing sleep just to ensure that they are first in line when it comes to buying a product at a lower price than normal.

Rivals ASDA have already kickstarted their savings this year and there were big expectations on Tesco to deliver even better offers for shoppers.


At the moment though it looks like UK shoppers won’t be able to have their fun. If you log into the Tesco website at the moment, you will likely see the message ‘Tesco service is unavailable’ or in other cases ‘Tesco page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred’.

Hopefully Tesco are working on fixing the problems as we speak. For now, let us know if you can access the Tesco website. Is Tesco.com not working for you as well?

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  • Squirrel58

    Totally unacceptable !!!! Disappointed!! Had goods in my basket,then got thrown out,will not be staying up any later