Roast turkey cooking times with Time to Roast for iOS

By Peter Chubb - Nov 27, 2014

We cannot believe how fast Thanksgiving 2014 has come around, it doesn’t seem that long ago since the last one, although we guess the older you get the faster the years pass by. You may have already planned your dinner but there is still the case of knowing those roast turkey cooking times.

There are many ways to get your turkey done to perfection, although we find using an iOS for learning the time to roast that bird or any other meat one of the easiest ways, as your smartphone or tablet is often nearby due to using recipe apps, such as one for diabetics.

The Time to Roast app cost $1.99 to download on any iOS device, although it does require iOS 7 and above.

Roast turkey cooking times with Time to Roast for iOS

It is very simple to use this app because all you need to do is enter the weight of your turkey or any other meat you are cooking and you will be presented with the correct cooking temperature, and how long you need to cook it for.

Please remember to let the meat rest to get a far better flavor and try not to overstuff your turkey because there is a chance the center of the bird will not cook evenly, so you should use a thermometer to check its temperature. We have one last thing to say, Happy Thanksgiving from all at

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